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46 Videos On Magic


This article is from the Magic FAQ, by Paul Nielsen nielsen@vulture.eecs.umich.edu with numerous contributions by others.

46 Videos On Magic

The following is a list of video tapes on magic. The intent is to list
tapes which instruct rather than tapes of magic performances. If you are
interested in the later, Jeff Isozaki (jti01@duts.ccc.amdahl.com) posts a
monthly list of "Magic in Movies" indicating movies, actors, and scenes in
which magic appears.

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1. General

Brad Burt Video Tapes - Brad Burt series
Are excellent for instructional purposes. They are not fancy studio
productions but are easy to follow. One includes the Zarrow shuffle and
appears excellent. The tapes are advertised in Genii from Brad Burt's
Magic Shop in San Diego.
From Jay Malone (malone@crash.cts.com)
I know Brad and I have four of his videos (both coin videos, the sponge
and the chop cup). Brad has been teaching many years and was, until he
opened his shop, an active performer. He studies each effect that he
sells and I feel that his "rating system" is fair. I've never been
disapointed in my dealings with him.

2. Performance/Philosophy

[No items in this topic]

3. For the Beginner

Mark Wilson Videos
The Mark Wilson videos are terrific. If you liked the book, you'll like
the videos. Well produced, very good instructional layout, easy to
follow and understand. I highly recommend them especially for a beginner.

4. Card Magic

Advanced Card Work - all of the Tannen's Stars of Magic-Paul Harris series.
Paul is good, funny, and weird. The tapes are extremely well done, and
the selection of magic is commercial (i.e. not just finger flinging to
impress other magicians, its finger flinging to impress _everybody_!)
Definitely not for beginners!

Basic Card Slights - Bill Tarr
90min tape packed with, as Bill Tarr says, "everything you need to know
to be a dynamite card magician." The video has fairly poor production
quality, and the backdrop is quite confusing. This aside, the
instruction is excellent; Bill Tarr is a very good teacher. The topics
include: The Slip Shuffle, Jog Shuffle, Hindu Shuffle, Slip Cut, False
Triple Cut, Double Cut Classic Pass, Invisible Pass, Say When Pass,
Classic Force, Riffle Force, Top- Palm, Double Lift, Top Change, Glide,
Buckle, Elmsley Count, Card Weaving, and Key Cards. It includes good
bits of card business and a few good card tricks. Recommend to any
beginning magician as a good way to start with almost all basic card
slights. Also pretty good for those more experienced that need to work
on old skills.

Card Manipulation and Flourishes
"Art of Card Manipulation" - Jeff McBride
"Card Flourishes" - Lou Lancaster
"The Major Card Flourishes" - Brad Burt
"Fedko - Card Illusions" - John Fedko
"Card and Ball Manipulation" - Peki
"Steven's Vol 3" - Shimada

On the Pass - Richard Kaufman
I just bought the video "On the Pass" by Richard Kaufman last weekend. It
is a good presentation of the classic pass, riffle pass and Herrmann pass
along with several variations and tricks based on them. He first
demonstrates the pass as the spectator would see it. Then carefully shows
finger positions and moves very slowly. This is shown from the
performer's point of view. Then he speeds things up. Awesome!

My first time through the tape, I just sat there with my mouth hanging
open. Do I ever have a lot of practicing to do. One comment he makes
near the end of the 40 minute video is, "Practice the classic pass 100
times a day for a year and you'll really have something special."

Zarrow Shuffle, The - Brad Burt
This man has to be one of the best teachers I've ever seen. Here, he
teaches both the Zarrow and Faro shuffles as well as tricks. The
Zarrow is the best looking table false shuffle I've ever seen. Unless
you are specifically looking for it, you can't tell the difference
between a Zarrow shuffle and a tabled riffle shuffle - even then you
might not do it.


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