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41 Magazines On Magic: General Magic


This article is from the Magic FAQ, by Paul Nielsen nielsen@vulture.eecs.umich.edu with numerous contributions by others.

41 Magazines On Magic: General Magic

PO Box 36068
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Tel: (213) 935-2848

Color cover, 80 pages an issue. The largest circulation of any magazine.
Everyone should get this just for the ads, as most items are advertized
here. Some columns are useless. I currently enjoy "The Giorgio Letters"
which describes how the Erdnase book is a lot of bull. Jamy Ian Swiss is
the current book reviewer.

At present, the price of a one-year subscription for the U.S., Canada or
Mexico is $30; two years $55. Contact them for information about overseas
MAGIC - an Independent Magazine for Magicians.
Circulation Office
7380 S. Eastern Ave.
Suite #124-179
Las Vegas, NV 89123 USA
Tel: (702) 798-4893
Fax: (702) 798-0220
E-mail: subscriptions@magic-mag.com
$35 a year/ 12 issues.
WWW: http://www.magic-mag.com

Similar to Genii (actually - they are competitors) Color cover and color
inside. Columns by Paul Gertner (performance tips), Richard Kaufman (editor
of the magic section), and reviews by Mike Weber.

In my (st922964@pip.cc.brandeis) opinion, is certainly the BEST magic
magazine out there. It is where I learn about 90% of my magic news and
features very interesting articles by the likes of Stan Allen and Michael

Goodliffe's Abracadabra
Published weekly. $88.50 for 52 issues 20 pages each issue.
(Send $2.00 in cash for sample issue )
Goodliffe Publications
150 New Road, Bromsgrove,
Worcestershire B60 2LG.

Precursor: A Magazine of Innovation
unikorn magic
2215 Mytle St.
Erie, PA 16502
Edited by Bill Miesel
3 issues a year
$16 in US. Canada, Mexico, $19 elsewhere
Similar to Ibidem. Mostly new/experimental card work.
The Trapdoor
Steven L. Beam
Trapdoor Productions
407 Carrington Drive
Knightdale, NC 27545
(919) 266-7900
5 issues a year $30 USA, $42.50 Overseas
Excellent artwork and Humor, Closeup
The Minotaur
P.O. Box 470025
Broadview Hts. Oh 44147
$18/year (I think 4-5 issues)
This is Dan Harlan's magazine and its suppose to be one of the best close up
magazines. Not much card stuff.
Dan's has a great mind (I should probably get a subscription-- Mike Kamlet)

Harry Lorayne
62 Jane Street
NY NY 10074
$48/12 issues
Contains a lot of heavy duty card magic

The Crimp.
Jerry Sadowitz, Flat 28, 177 Finchley Rd.,
London NW3 Glg., UK.
This is definitely not for young people because of the language,
but it is a great and funny monthly. Mostly great card stuff plus some other
good items. Lots of clever, very usable stuff.
It recently got a good review in Magic magazine (Mac King loves it..)

21 Noe Place
Beacon Falls, CT 06403
(203) 729-4278
$18 a year/6 issues

It's a bi-monthly journal for professional restaurant and bar magicians with a
circulation in ten countries
published by Jim Sisti magicmenu@aol.com (MagicMenu)
Tom Stone posted the following message:
I'm announcing the birth of a Swedish independent magic newsletter.

The first issue of Dr. Faustus Journal will appear in mid-april(95). There
will be 10 issues/year. 8-12 pages in each issue.
The focus will be performance material and theory.
You who are interested in a subscription write to:

Tom Stone/Bengtsson Julias gata 111
422 51 Hisings Backa

Club 71
REPRO MAGIC publish "Club 71" magazine. Independant
editorial, covering all branches of magic. Four colour cover and
84 pages published six times per year. Annual subscription 12
British pounds 20 dollars.


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