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35 Magic Books: Other Magic A-P


This article is from the Magic FAQ, by Paul Nielsen nielsen@vulture.eecs.umich.edu with numerous contributions by others.

35 Magic Books: Other Magic A-P

Albenice Reel Magic
(1950, Tannen)

[SD] The main treatise on use of "the reel." Like many such "classic"
works, it shows its age, but is still one of the only books on this

Anderson, Gene and Marshall, Frances Newspaper Magic
(1968, Magic Inc.)

[RD] A wide variety of tricks using newspaper, including Anderson's
award-winning paper-tearing and paper-folding act. Anderson's
torn-and-restored newspaper is something of a classic. It's my
favourite trick in this book.

Caveney, Mike Harry Anderson - Wiseguy

[MK] As a HA fan I loved this book. It filled with great stories
and every routine that Anderson is known for is explained -- Marked,
Gang of Four, Skippy (Needle thru arm is not really explained, but it
is discussed...)

Fitzkee, Dariel Rope Eternal
(1984, D. Robbins & Co.)

[SD] Robbins edition of a 1956 monograph on "The Only Six Ways to
Restore a Rope" which focuses on the Cut-and-Restored Rope effects.
Includes numerous effects based on these techniques. Basic book for
folks who are interested in this effect and its variations.

Fulves, Karl Self-Working Paper Magic
(1985, Dover)

[SD] Easy to learn and perform effects with paper for beginning
magicians. Many based on "topology" tricks, paper folding, and
effects with money.

Ganson, Lewis Reelistic Magic
(?, Supreme)

[RD] A small collection of tricks using reels. A bit more modern than
Albenice's book, but still dated.

James, Stewart Abbott's Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks for Magicians
(1975, Dover)

[SD] Reprint of a 1945 work covering all aspects of magic with ropes
covering knots, penetrations (one and two rope varieties), cut- and
restored, the "Hindoo" rope trick, and miscellaneous effects.

[SFD] I find this book outstanding; clear and imaginative, with many
alternate workings for tricks.

Marci, Jill The Art of Clowning
(1993, ?)

[JM] I have authored a book called the art of clowning...It's been
reviewed in Genii Magazine...the book deals with children's magic,
nightclub magic, magician versus clown magic, magic at festivals,
fairs, on television. It also deals with designing a clown face,
animal balloons, puppetry. Promotional ideas, selling yourself, plus
more. 62 pages book sells for $12.50 plus $5.00 shipping and handling
Foreword to the book is written by Goldfinger and Dove.

Marshall, Frances The Sponge Book
(?, Magic Inc.)

[SD] Lots of advice (in a small booklet) on sponge magic, including
explanation of Al Goshman's routine with the invisible purse.

Mishell, Ed and Abe Hurwitz ELASTRIX
(1979, Magico Magazine)

[HS] Rubber Bands - Tricks, Stunts and Puzzles

Novak, Bob Jack Miller's Famous Linking Ring Routine
(1976, Tannen)

[SD] Reprint of a 1945 monograph on one well-known Linking Ring
routine which includes a variety of ways to display rings during the
routine. One could take these individual ideas and craft shorter
routines as well as reorder the one that's here.

Penn and Teller How to Play with Your Food

[Anonymous] Got the book last week-end, spent all afternoon reading
it, almost wet myself. Definitely worth the price, but don't get your
hopes up about the included gimmicks, they're pretty lame. NOTE: the
sugar packets originally supplied were defective and have been

Penn & Teller Penn & Teller's Cruel Tricks for Dear Friends


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