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18 Magic In Las Vegas:


This article is from the Magic FAQ, by Paul Nielsen nielsen@vulture.eecs.umich.edu with numerous contributions by others.

18 Magic In Las Vegas:

The Las Vegas magicians' round table is held on Wednesday nights. You
never know who will show up in the land of magic. All magi are welcome.
Just give a call to any of the shops when you're there and they'll fill you

There are alot of magic shows in Las Vegas. Some of the shows are:
"Alakazam" - ?????
"City Lites" with Joseph - Flamingo Hilton
"Elaine's Restaurant" with Mike Skinner - Golden Nugget
"Jubilee" with Bob Arno and Hans Panter - Ballys
"Roman Festival" with Jordan Hahn and David Kesterson - Caesars
"Spellbound" with Joaquin Ayala & Lilia, Tim Kole & Jenny Lynn, Mark
"Splash" with Shimada - Riviera
Kevin Barnes, Teresa Liu, and Joe White - Excalibur
Lance Burton - Monte Carlo
Melinda - Lady Luck
Siegfried and Roy - Mirage
Vince Carmen and Phyllis Guggenheim - Circus Circus
Plus many others

From: silverman@kelvin.Jpl.Nasa.Gov (Steve Silverman)

Michael Skinner at the Golden Nugget.
He is the resident magician and strolls between Lily Langtree's and
Stefanos restaurant. Michael has been referred to as one of the
worlds finest close-up performers by some very notable people. I
was fortunate enough to have dinner with him during my last visit
and must say that he is also a very nice person and real gentleman.
From: Andy Latto [andyl@harlequin.com]

A very entertaining show, and an amazingly good value for
the money (only about $10). Some of the effects were old
chestnuts, like chopping off an audience member's head with a
guillotine, but there were some very nice illusions, and some
good slight of hand with birds. In addition to the magic, there
are two very good specialty acts: Anthony Gatto, one of the two or
three best jugglers in the world, and a group that plays basketball
and jumps rope on unicycles.

In Reno:

"Spellbound" starring The Pendragons

In Beverly MA -
From: jpoulter@island.amtsgi.bc.ca (Jack Poulter)

Le Grande David etc...
This company of performers also presents shows several
times a month at the Larcom Theatre also in Beverly MA. A visual
banquet at most reasonable rates. Highly recommended.



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