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14 Clubs for magic:


This article is from the Magic FAQ, by Paul Nielsen nielsen@vulture.eecs.umich.edu with numerous contributions by others.

14 Clubs for magic:

Comedy and Magic
Hermosa Beach, CA
Does this place still exist? Do they still perform magic?

El Duco's Magic, HB
Lergoeksgatan 18
S-215 79 MALMOE
+46-40-217228 (fax)

Keystone, Indiana (Just North of Indianapolis)
(317) 575-8312

Magic Castle
Hollywood, CA
This is a members only magic club. Probably the best place to watch magic
since they have 3 different magic venues, large stage platform and
The Magic Castle is a membership systemed night club. If you are not
a member, you have to have a guest card or go to there with a member.
There are some rules on the back of the guest card.
1. Absolutely no one under 21 admitted. Proof of age required.
2. Strict dress code. Coats and ties for men, dresses for ladies.
No casual wear. (No jeans.)
3. This card is non-transferable, good for one visit only and must
be surrendered at the door. Expired cards not accepted.
4. Guests must have dinner and make reservations well in advance
(1 week recommended.) There is an entrance charge of $?????
for each guest in addition to the dinner price. For reservations
call 851-3313 between 9:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Monday thru
Saturday. Please notify the Castle if you plan to cancel.
5. This card honored for dinner Sunday night thru Thursday only
by advance reservation. Shows follow dinner and are open to
all guests. This card not honored on Friday and Saturday.
If you go there with a member, you can go on any day of the week
and you don't have to have a dinner, you don't have to pay the
entrance charge.
(213) 851-3313

Magic Island
Houston, TX
(713) 526-2442
We went with a coupon for about $25 per person. That included dinner, a
live stage show with two acts, and two close up shows. Without the coupon,
prices vary, depending on what you order. $50 per person is probably a
reasonable minimum estimate, but they may have gone up. The food was good,
and the entertainment ranged from fair to excellent.

Mississippi Live
Minneapolis Night Club
They have magicians Wed-Sat nights.

For some magic talk at 38th and Madison in Manhattan.
Check it out on Saturday afternoon.
Straight out of Woody Allen's "Broadway Danny Rose"!

This is the place in Snowmass Village, just outside Aspen Colorado owned by
singer John Denver. Doc Eason and Eric Mead share the magical duties there
working 4 nights a week with Friday night being "tag team night". The
Tower has been a magic bar since 1975 (20 years old this year) with Bob
Sheets being the original magic guy. Kevin Dawson, Peter Elliot, John
Lonergan have also put in time as regulars. Special events have featured
Ammar, Carney, Givan, Murdock, Goldstein, Close, Spill, JCWagner and
others. For further info email doceason@rof.net (Doc & Alison Eason)



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