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74 Credits


This article is from the X-Men Comic Books FAQ, by Kate the Short (racmx@yahoo.com) with numerous contributions by others.

74 Credits

This FAQ could never have remained as up-to-date as it is without
the contributions of the following people:

Amethyst, Arbitrator, Ken Arromdee, Charlie Ball, Chris Barry,
Belascoamo, Cami Benham, Billy Bissette, BlakGard, blank blank,
David Bredenberg, D.A. Brooks, Daniel Butler, Brian Caffrey,
Chris Campbell, Eric T-Rex Chastain, CleV, Hilton Collins,
Russ Cullins, Judy Daniluk, Peter A. David, Keith R.A. DeCandido,
Nick Demmon, Brian Doyle, Steven Dumont, Mike Ellis,
Aaron Forever, Brian Fried, Marc-Oliver Frisch, Tom Galloway,
Eivind Gladheimstreng, Addison Godel, Robert Gruhn, David Goldfarb,
Thomas Heil, Joe Helfrich, Jeremy Henderson, Christian Henriksson,
Chris Holly, HooksX, Matt Hutchins, Andrew Ingle, ivan2000,
Rivka Jacobs, Marie Javins, jinx, Joey/HBWolf21, Rick Jones,
Joe Krug, Large n Incharge, Mike Lavin (aka "Greenstool"),
Carol Dawn Lee, Hosun Lee, Diane Levitan, Jacob Levy, Peter Lidkis,
Sean Lightner, Jim Longo, Johan Lundstrom, Peter Luzifer,
The Main Man, Douglas Mangum, William May, Jennifer J. McGee,
James McGhee, Sonja Mendoza, Pietro Meroni, Brucha Meyers,
Danny Miller, James Moar, Fabian Nicieza, Toby Nieboer,
Andrew Oakley, Paul O'Brien, Laura M. Parkinson, Al Patterson,
Pecadilo, Martin Phipps, Piercey, Lord Populous, Shane Potter,
Prosh, Joanne Puchalik, queenB, Deepak Ramani, Maryann Robbins,
Ryan Royce, Justin Samuels, Liisa Sarakontu, Chris Schumacher,
Amy Sheldon, Clara Showalter, Gail Simone, Louise Simonson,
Walter Simonson, Christian Smith, Sorted magAZine, Eric Stieglitz,
Tilman Stieve, The Stirge, Swpwarrior, Chris Sypal, Terrafamilia,
tphile, Jon Trouten, Jeremy Turner, UltimoV, uplink, Sean Walsh,
Alasdair Watson, Craig Welsh, Gregory Whittaker, Mitchell Wietz,
and James Willer.

Special thanks go to Jane Griffin, for keeping the FAQ in excellent
working order; Marty Blase, for helping keep the entire newsgroup
sane and enjoyable; and David R. Henry, without whom, I assure you,
this would not have been possible. And hugs to Aardy R. DeVarque!


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