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38 What happened to the New Mutants and X-Force kids?


This article is from the X-Men Comic Books FAQ, by Kate the Short (racmx@yahoo.com) with numerous contributions by others.

38 What happened to the New Mutants and X-Force kids?

The first of the NM to leave was Xi'an Coy Manh, aka Karma. She left the
NM in issue #54, and went to find her siblings, Leong and Nga. This
involved hanging out with Wolverine. Karma popped up in X-Force #75,
saying that she was living in New York. With pink hair. She reappeared in
2002 in the Mechanix miniseries, living in Chicago, and has since joined
the cast of the 2003 New Mutants series. On a related note, Karma lost
all that weight in Asgard. The Fates put her in the desert, with a small
child to defend. After a few months, she was back to her original figure.
That all happened in New Mutants Special Edition #1. (Also available in
the Asgardian Wars TPB).

Amara Aquilla was the next to go. Magma decided the Hellions was more her
style, and left Xavier's in NM #56. In NM #62 she got a letter from her
father requesting she come home. Empath went with her (at the White
Queen's request). Amara did not have a happy ending; while she did avoid
the massacre of the Hellions, her whole life was ripped out from under
her in New Warriors #31. Nova Roma wasn't established by the Romans after
all. It was established by Selene for no apparent reason with a number
of brainwashed Britons. Amara was in fact Allison Crestmere, daughter of
the English ambassador to Brazil. After Child's Play she went to find
her life. Magma reappeared in X-Force #87, as one of the New Hellions.
She claimed she only wanted money and power, but she eventually helped
X-Force win the battle. After the New Hellions' schemes were stopped,
Magma left. She most recently showed up in Uncanny X-Men #423, in a
group of mutants crucified on Xaver's lawn, and has been recovering in
the 2003 New Mutants series.

Doug Ramsey didn't do a whole lot better. Cypher died in NM #60, during
Fall of the Mutants. He took a bullet that the Ani-Mator intended for
Rahne. (Yes, the same Ani-Mator responsible for Bird-Boy). While we're on
the subject, we should squash the rumors about Doug's demise, with help
from creator Louise Simonson (who wrote to racmx in 1999):

As for killing poor Cypher...I did that for several reasons. (There
was a rumor at the time that he was killed because the artist hated
drawing him. Another that I hated him because I had to keep
twisting stories to find some instance where there was language
that had to be translated.)

The real reason was...I know you'll find this hard to believe...
there was a write-in campaign from LOTS of readers who hated him
and thought he was boring and wanted us to get rid of him.
Preferably...they wanted him dead. We got LOTS and LOTS of these

So I decided to call these readers' bluffs and do exactly what they
were asking for. (On the other hand, I never kill a character
without knowing exactly how I'm going to bring them back...if I so
choose. It is comic books, after all! With Doug/Cypher, the way was
obvious.) Sooo...

I decided to have him die a noble death of loving sacrifice, saving
his dear friend Rahne. And (surprise, surprise) we started getting
LOTS of letters asking, "How could you? Doug was my favorite
character?!!!" (My favorite letter... and I think one of the most
honest... said, "I used to hate Doug and thought he was boring and
wanted him to die, but now that he's dead, I've realized he was
ALWAYS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER!") Lots of folks missed Doug ... after
he was gone.

Sadly, that was not the end of his story....

But first Warlock. Warlock never quite recovered from the death of Doug,
but he didn't have long to worry about it. He died himself in NM #95,
during the X-tinction Agenda. After repeated drains on his energy (some
voluntary, some not) Cameron Hodge sucked out the rest. What little
remained of Warlock was spread over Doug's grave.

Doug and Warlock were not left to rest in peace. Instead, "they" were
resurrected by Zero as Douglock (in Excalibur #77) for the Phalanx
Covenant. Paul O'Brien explains the plot: "This was addressed well in
early issues of Warlock's solo title. Basically, the Phalanx are
anything that's been infected by the Technarch's technovirus but haven't
been consumed. The Technarch regard the Phalanx as abominations, and so
the technovirus is programmed to make the Phalanx want to summon the
Technarch to their aid (so that the Technarch can easily locate them and
wipe the bastards off the face of the earth). Thus explaining the
Phalanx's plan in the Phalanx Covenant storyline." The resurrection was
rather difficult for Rahne, because Douglock retained many of the
memories of Doug. Now, of course, Warlock knows he's just a resurrected
Warlock. He last resided on Muir Isle with Rahne and Moira, the Warlock
title notwithstanding. Doug, as Kitty Pryde can personally attest, is
still in his coffin and grave.

Bird-Boy and Gossamyr were never seen again.

Illyana Rasputin had her final battle in Inferno. After the good in
Magik finally overcame the evil in her once and for all, she was reverted
to the child she was before she encountered Limbo (NM #73). She went to
live with her parents in Russia until the Soul Skinner killed them (X-Men
#18). Her final storyline included dying of the Legacy virus (UXM #303).
She later appeared as a ghost in an issue of Uncanny X-Men. A version of
Magik apparently showed up circa #30 of Exiles.

After Inferno, Dani Moonstar started suffering a fever, which turned out
to be the doing of Hela in Asgard. After sorting everything out, Mirage
decided to stay in Asgard (NM #87). Later she appeared as Moonstar, a
member of the MLF (X-Force #27). In X-Force Annual #3, it was revealed
she was working undercover for Cable, and was briefly reunited with the
team during LegionQuest (X-Force #43). She vanished again, and
reappeared working for SHIELD. After rejoining X-Force, she gained
quantum powers, and finally lost *those*. She split X-Force after Pete
Wisdom showed up. After leaving the team, she appeared as an assistant
to Wolverine and Forge in the core titles, circa X-Men #102. Most
recently, she has been Xavier's assistant in locating students in the
2003 New Mutants series.

Rahne Sinclair didn't make it out of Genosha intact (X-tinction Agenda);
she was turned into a Mutate. While most of the damage was undone, it
left Wolfsbane in permanent Wolfgirl mode as she joined X-Factor (#71).
Being in X-Factor was rather awkward for her though, because she was
still bonded to Alex. Much to the relief of all involved, she was cured
by Haven in #99. After Age of Apocalypse and the heart attack of Guido,
she decided to live on Muir Isle while her guardian Moira dealt the
Legacy Virus. She was a member of Excalibur for a short time, and was
seen in the pages of Warlock. She later had her powers removed by
Mystique when he tried to save Moira's life. One of her most recent
appearances has been Unlimited #43, the New Mutants reunion issue. By
the way, Rahne is pronounced like "Rain," as in the liquid from the sky.
This is given in a number of canonical sources. In X-Factor #87, her
dreams are Rahne's World, Rain Man and Rahne and Stimpy. The puns don't
work otherwise.

Julio Richter was in Mexico trying to get his family out of the
gun-running biz. Rictor brought Shatterstar along with him. The two
appeared in X-Force Annual '99. Rictor (by himself) appeared as a
member of the X-Corporation in NXM #128.

Rusty Collins joined the MLF and later joined Magneto's Acolytes. He
was killed by Holocaust in X-Men #42.

Sally Blevins joined the MLF and Acolytes with Rusty. Skids survived
the experience, and was last seen as a college student in X-Force #78-80
(though it was revealed to her classmates at Colorado State that she's a
mutant, so who knows whether she's still there).

Caliban was made into the horseman Death by Apocalypse. He came and went
in X-Force, last appearing in the Twelve Saga, disappearing, and popping
up again in Search For Cyclops #3.

Theresa Cassidy had her throat ripped out by Feral. Siryn survived, but
lost her voice (and with it, her powers). She left the team. Since then,
Deadpool had a hand in healing her, and she showed up in Wolverine. She's
not with any team right now. She was featured in Deadpool #56, where
Copycat beat her up. Siryn also appeared as a member of the X-Corporation
in NXM #128.

Bobby DaCosta quit the NM to go work for Gideon in NM #99. Sunspot later
became Reignfire in the future (first seen in X-Force #26) and created
the MLF. He recruited Dani after her fall from Asgard. He was Reignfire
until AOA (X-Force #43), then suddenly he wasn't anymore. It's been said
that Cable did it with some Askani mind techniques. Roberto later became
a full member of X-Force. Unfortunately, he was lured into the Hellfire
Club by Selene, who promised to bring Roberto's dead love, Juliana
Sandoval, to life in another dead girl's body. Since then, Roberto showed
up in Unlimited #43 for the New Mutants reunion, and has apparently been
a member of X-Corp given his appearances starting in X-Treme #31.

Gloria Munoz (Risque) was announced as dead in the New X-Men 2001 Annual.

Sam Guthrie became the field leader of X-Force and died in X-Force #7,
only to be reborn in X-Force #9. Since then, Cannonball's External (think
Highlander) status has been put in doubt by Selene, who hinted that
Cable may have set the whole thing up. He was promoted to the X-Men
team, but later returned to lead X-Force. He showed up in X-Force #117,
during the "new" X-Force's press conference, so the team apparently was
not killed at the end of their run. Cannonball appeared as a member of
the X-Corporation in NXM #128. He was part of a storyline beginning in
X-Treme #24, and recently left again with Lila Cheney.

Tabitha Smith joined the New Mutants after Inferno. Meltdown stayed with
the team through Pete Wisdom's portion of X-Force. She showed up in
X-Force #117. She's been popping up occasionally in Weapon X.

James Proudstar joined the New Mutants just before they turned into
X-Force. After blaming the Hellfire Club for his tribe's massacre,
Warpath came to terms with his family's death, and eventually found the
killer (it was Stryfe's doing, but there was an evil doctor involved).
He died, but came back after the team went to hell to get him back. He
was a part of Pete Wisdom's X-Force, and gained the power of flight. He
showed up in X-Force #117, and again as a member of X-Corporation Mumbai
(along with Feral and her sister Thornn) in NXM #133.

Jesse Aaronson was the last person to join the team. Jesse "Bedlam"
stayed through Wisdom's version of X-Force. He showed up in X-Force
#117. He was also among the crucified mutants in Uncanny #423, though
it isn't clear whether he lived or died.

Domino came and went throughout the years, as did Cable. She was last
seen in X-Force #115, after the rest of the team was "killed." Domino
showed up in an X-Corporation meeting in New X-Men Annual 2001. Both
of them have been seen in Weapon X as part of the opposition. (As a
side note, former Domino impersonator Copycat (Vanessa) was hanging
out in Deadpool's book for a while, and died in Deadpool #59.)

New-style X-Force members seem to die at the drop of a hat... X-Force
#116 saw the flashback death of Sluk and the deaths of Battering Ram,
Gin Genie, La Nuit, Plazm, and leader Zeitgeist. X-Force #118 killed off
Bloke. Saint Anna bit it in #119. Their evil mentor, Coach, was killed in
#120. After a short respite from the carnage, Spike (The Spike) and Edie
Sawyer (U-Go Girl) died in issues #127-128.


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