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02 The current list of X-Titles and Teams (+)


This article is from the X-Men Comic Books FAQ, by Kate the Short (racmx@yahoo.com) with numerous contributions by others.

02 The current list of X-Titles and Teams (+)

The current published monthly titles which tell the stories of the
interacting genetic soap opera which is the X-Men are as follows:

* Uncanny X-Men: The original book; covers one main team of X-Men.
Team members include Angel (winged flight), Havok (energy blasts),
Husk (shape changing), Iceman (ice manipulation), Juggernaut
(unstoppable strength), Nightcrawler (teleportation), Northstar
(superspeed flight), and the book has occasionally featured
Jubilee, Polaris, and Chamber.

* New X-Men: The sequel and companion title to Uncanny X-Men.
Team members, mentored by Prof. Xavier (telepathy), include Beast
(strength and agility), Cyclops (eye blasts), former White Queen
Emma Frost (telepathy and diamond skin), Phoenix (telepathy and
telekinesis), and Wolverine (enhanced senses and self-healing).
The title often features students at Xavier's school, including
Angel, Beak, and Dust.

* X-Treme X-Men: A third core title; covers another set of X-Men.
Team members include Bishop (energy blasts), Storm (weather),
Sage (memory, analysis, and the ability to "see" others' potential
mutant powers), and Cannonball (flight from blasting power). The
title has also featured Rogue, Gambit, and Shadowcat.

* X-Statix: A team of corporate-sponsored mutants / celebrities.
Team members include Orphan (super senses, athleticism), Anarchist
(acidic sweat), Vivisector (bestial form), Phat (fat control and
strength), Dead Girl (corpse memory, spirit communication), Venus
Dee Milo (energy form and teleportation), El Guapo (skateboarding),
and Doop (pocket dimension storage, cameraman).

* New Mutants: Training the newest kids how to use their powers.
Teachers and mentors include Prof. Xavier (telepathy), Mirage
(brings desires/fears to life), and Karma (mind possession).

* Wolverine: Solo adventures with the world's most popular X-Man.

* Weapon X: Covert operations with former X-Men allies and villains.

* Deadpool/Cable: Team-up adventures featuring very odd teammates.

* Mystique: Solo adventures with the longtime X-Men nemesis.

* Exiles: Magik and friends time-hop through alternate dimensions.

* Ultimate X-Men: A hip, alternate version of the X-Men team.

* Unlimited: One-shot X-Men-related stories by various new creators.

Obviously, these popular mutants have been featured as main characters
or guest characters in quite a few former and current titles. Even in
earlier decades Marvel was crossover happy, so it can be safely assumed
that the X-Men have made guest appearances in probably every Marvel
comic. Those interested in collecting them all should track down Aardy
R. DeVarque's Annotated Index to X-Men Guest Appearances and Exhaustive
Completist's Supplemental X-Men Checklist, both of which can be found at
http://users.rcn.com/aardy/comics/index.html .


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