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rec.arts.bodyart Welcome & Netiquette FAQ

This document contains information about rec.arts.bodyart and etiquette (netiquette) for the newsgroup. Anyone who wishes to read/post to the newsgroup should read this first.

The rec.arts.bodyart Welcome & Netiquette FAQ was compiled and written by Heidi Anderson with numerous contributions by others.

-1a. What Is rec.arts.bodyart?
-1b-1. Is Rec.Arts.Bodyart Moderated?
-1b-2. Can I Post About Bodypainting Here?
-1c. What Types Of Readers Do We Have On rec.arts.bodyart?
-1d. Where Can I Get The Faqs?
-1e-1 The Official Web Page Of Rec.Arts.Bodyart:
-1f. Related Newsgroups
-1g. Chat Opportunities
-1h. Is there a mailing list, archive site or listserv?
-1i. What Is The Rab Survival Guide?
-1j. A Brief History Of Rab
-1k. What Are (Were) The Lydia Awards?
-2a. Netiquette On Usenet
-2b. Netiquette On Rec.Arts.Bodyart
-2c. How To Title Your Message
-2d. Acronyms and Vocabulary
-2e. Trimming Postings To Save On Bandwidth
-2f. Using Attributions And Quotes
-2g. Delurking
-2g-1. What is a slug/tail/ears?
-2h. Getting Advice From Rab
-2h-1. Using RAB to do research for a school paper
-2i. Meeting People And Making Friends On Rab
-2j. Why We Can'T Post Binaries On Rab?
-2k. Advertising On Rab
-3a. Will it hurt?
-3b. How much will cost?
-3c. Why are you so mean to me? I only asked a question!
-3d. Will you email me pictures of ?
-3e. Where can I get pierced/tattooed that won't card me?
-3f. Is betadine/ bactine/ peroxide okay for aftercare?
-3g. I just got my pierced and now it is red/swollen/pus-filled/etc. What do I do?"
-3h. Will my piercing jewelry set off metal detectors?
-3i. Can I still breast feed after getting my nipples pierced?
-3j. What's wrong with piercing guns?
-3k. Where can I find kanji?
-3l. What is this SETI business?
-3m. What about tattoos that fade in five years?
-4. Minors Accessing Rab
-4a. A Word Of Caution To Minors
-4b. Advice For Concerned Parents
-4c. Suggestions For Working With Disapproving Parents

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