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Piercing FAQ

Everything you wanted to know about Piercing

This FAQ about Piercing was compiled and written by Anne Greenblatt with numerous contributions by others.

Part I: Intro

-1.1 Summary
This posting contains information about body piercing. ...
-1.2 Copyright And Dissemination
Under the Berne Convention, this document is Copyright (c) 2000 ...
-1.3 Table of Contents of the rec.arts.bodyart Piercing FAQ:

Part II: Jewelry

-2A.1 Metals
The metals used for body jewelry are chosen for ...
-2A.1 Gold
1 karat = 1/24th of the alloy is pure ...
-2A.1 Niobium
Niobium is an elemental metal and is strong yet flexible and is ...
-2A.1 Platinum
Platinum and metals in the platinum group such as palladium ...
-2A.1 Stainless Steel
Of the many stainless steels available, only 316L and 316LVM ...
-2A.1 Silver / Sterling Silver
Sterling silver is 92.5% silver alloyed with copper or some ...
-2A.1 Titanium
Titanium is an extremely lightweight, elemental metal. The ...
-2A.1a Report on Stainless Steel
by Sean ...
-2A.2 Non Metal Materials
-2A.2a Report on FDA Approved Acrylic
by Michael ...
-2A.3 Organic Materials
Thanks to Erica Skadsen / Organic for the information contained in ...
-2A.3a Hardwoods
Hardwoods are most often used to make plugs for enlarged piercings,...
-2A.3b Bamboo
Bamboo is not a wood but a grass. Several thousand different ...
-2A.3c Ivory, Horn, Antler
Thanks to Jesse Jarrell for the ...
-2B.1 Jewelry Sizes
Jewelry is measured by gauge (thickness) and width. Rings are ...
-2B.1a Gauges And Equivalents
Most jewelry manufactured in the US is gauged according to the Brown &...
-2B.2a Basic Jewelry Designs: Captive Bead Ring
The basic ring design is the captive bead ring or ball closure ring ...
-2B.2a Basic Jewelry Designs: Bead Ring Or Attached Bead Ring
The bead ring is similar to the captive bead ring except that the ...
-2B.2a Basic Jewelry Designs: Seamless Or Beadless Rings
The names beadless ring and seamless ring are misnomers because ...
-2B.2a Basic Jewelry Designs: Captive Tube Or Captive Bar Ring
Instead of a bead, a short, straight or curved tube or solid bar ...
-2B.2a Basic Jewelry Designs: Screw On Ball Ring
Screw on ball rings are an alternative to large gauge captive ...
-2B.2a Basic Jewelry Designs: Barbells
Straight and curved barbells are measured by the linear width ...
-2B.2a Basic Jewelry Designs: Gemstone Or Jewel Settings
Gemstones can be set in metal using either a prong setting or ...
-2B.2b Piercing-Specific Designs: Jewelry For Enlarged Piercings
The following designs are intended to maintain the enlarged size ...
-2B.2b Piercing-Specific Designs: Jewelry For Nipple Piercings
Nipple Retainer: Comprised of a straight bar worn through ...
-2B.2b Piercing-Specific Designs: Jewelry For Septum Piercings
Septum Retainer: A U-shaped piece of metal, either rounded ...
-2B.2b Piercing-Specific Designs: Prince's Wand
The Prince's Wand or Urethral Tube can be made to fit either ...
-2B.2b Piercing-Specific Designs: Eyebrow And Nostril "Bones"
-2C.1 Facial Piercings: Earlobe
6 to 8
-2C.1 Facial Piercings: Large Earlobe Piercings
Please refer to Part 7 of the FAQ for information on ...
-2C.1 Facial Piercings: Dermal Punch Method for Large Earlobe Piercings
Dermal punches are designed to remove tissue for biopsy procedures. ...
-2C.1 Facial Piercings: Transverse Or Lateral Earlobe
4 to 8
-2C.1 Facial Piercings: Vertical Earlobe
4 to 8
-2C.1 Facial Piercings: Ear Cartilage
3 to 6
-2C.1 Facial Piercings: Nostril
3 to 6
-2C.1 Facial Piercings: Septum
4 to 8
-2C.1 Facial Piercings: Eyebrow
2 to 4
-2C.1 Facial Piercings: Bridge / Niebuhr / Erl / Nasion
4 to 6
-2C.2 Oral Piercings
The risks of oral piercings include chipped and cracked teeth ...
-2C.2 Oral Piercings: Lip & Labret
2 to 4
-2C.2 Oral Piercings: Madonna / Beauty Mark
Also called the Marilyn or Chrome Crawford because of the ...
-2C.2 Oral Piercings: Cheek
3 to 5
-2C.2 Oral Piercings: Scrumper / Lip Frenulum
1 to 2
-2C.2 Oral Piercings: Tongue
4 to 8
-2C.2 Oral Piercings: Tongue Web / Frenulum
2 - 4
-2D.1 Navel Piercings
4 to 8
-2D.1a "The Navel Piercing: A Better Alternative"
by Karen Hurt of Future Primitives, San Francisco, ...
-2D.1b "Angled Navel Piercings"
by Elayne Angel of Rings of Desire, New Orleans, ...
-2D.2 Nipple Piercings
4 to 8
-2D.2a Female Nipple Piercings
Female nipple piercings should be made at the base of the nipple ...
-2D.2b Male Nipple Piercings
Because most men have very small or flat nipples, the piercing ...
-2D.2c Nipple Piercings And Breastfeeding
Most piercers maintain that nipple piercings are unlikely to ...
-2D.3 Surface And Unusual Piercings
Many piercers do not perform the following piercings because of ...
-2E.1 Female Genital Piercings
All of the female genital piercings are highly anatomy-dependent. ...
-2E.1 Clitoris Piercing
4 to 6
-2E.1 Fourchette
4 to 6
-2E.1 Horizontal Clitoral Hood Piercing
4 to 6
-2E.1 Vertical Clitoral Hood Piercing
4 to 6
-2E.1 Inner Labia
4 to 6
-2E.1 Outer Labia
4 to 6
-2E.1 Triangle Piercing
4 to 6
-2E.1 Christina
4 to 6
-2E.1 Isabella
This piercing was first documented in Issue #17 of Piercing ...
-2E.1 Princess Albertina
Another relatively new and experimental piercing documented in ...
-2E.2 Male Genital Piercings
The Prince Albert, Ampallang and Apadravya piercings usually bleed ...
-2E.2 Ampallang
6 to 10 months; may require a year or more to completely ...
-2E.2 Apadravya
6 to 10 months; may require a year or more to completely ...
-2E.2 Dydoe
2 to 4
-2E.2 Foreskin
2 to 4
-2E.2 Frenum
2 to 4
-2E.2 Guiche
4 to 6
-2E.2 Prince Albert Or P.A.
2 to 4
-2E.2 Scrotum / Hafada
4 to 6
-2e.3 Genital Piercings And Sexual Activity
Genital piercings are intended to enhance sensation for the ...
-2E.4 Genital Piercings And Pregnancy
In the interest of safety for the mother and child, jewelry should ...

Part III: Getting A New Piercing

-3.1 What To Look For In A Piercer
Consider first visiting the studio without intending to get pierced ...
-3.2 Assessing Anatomy And Selecting Jewelry
Because everyone is built differently, not everyone is ...
-3.3 Ear Piercing Gun
The piercing gun or piercing implement was originally intended to ...
-3.3 Single-Use Disposable Needles
Piercing needles are hollow, lancet-point needles, beveled ...
-3.4 Basic Piercing Procedure: Prep
The area to be pierced should be cleansed using a surgical scrub....
-3.4 Basic Piercing Procedure: Tools
Most piercers use forceps to hold the area to be pierced. ...
-3.5 Methods Of Disinfection And Sterilization
-3.6 Anesthetics
In the United States topical anesthetics are only available ...
-3.7 Are You Under 18?
Many states now have laws restricting or prohibiting piercing minors....
-3.8 Does It Hurt?
Most people experience some level of discomfort or pain during ...
-3.9 Making Your Experience More Comfortable
Get plenty of rest the night before. Eat a good meal and drink ...
-3.10 Piercing Kits And Doing It Yourself
Piercing kits have many disadvantages. Most kits do not ...

Part IV: Professional Piercers

-4A.1 Professional Organizations
-4A.2 Piercing Instruction
-4B. Professional Piercers - Alabama
-4B. Professional Piercers - Alaska
-4B. Professional Piercers - Arizona
-4B. Professional Piercers - California
-4c.0 Professional Piercers - Colorado
-4c.0 Professional Piercers - Connecticut
-4c.0 Professional Piercers - Washington, DC
-4c.0 Professional Piercers - Florida
-4c.0 Professional Piercers - Georgia
-4c.0 Professional Piercers - Hawaii
-4c.0 Professional Piercers - Illinois
-4c.0 Professional Piercers - Indiana
-4c.0 Professional Piercers - Iowa
-4d.0 Professional Piercers - Kansas
-4d.0 Professional Piercers - Kentucky
-4d.0 Professional Piercers - Louisiana
-4d.0 Professional Piercers - Maine
-4d.0 Professional Piercers - Maryland
-4d.0 Professional Piercers - Massachusetts
-4d.0 Professional Piercers - Michigan
-4d.0 Professional Piercers - Minnesota
-4d.0 Professional Piercers - Missouri
-4d.0 Professional Piercers - Nebraska
-4d.0 Professional Piercers - Nevada
-4e.0 Professional Piercers - New Jersey
-4e.0 Professional Piercers - New Mexico
-4e.0 Professional Piercers - New York
-4e.0 Professional Piercers - North Carolina
-4e.0 Professional Piercers - North Dakota
-4e.0 Professional Piercers - Ohio
-4e.0 Professional Piercers - Oklahoma
-4e.0 Professional Piercers - Oregon
-4e.0 Professional Piercers - Pennsylvania
-4g.0 Professional Piercers - Tennessee
-4g.0 Professional Piercers - Texas
-4g.0 Professional Piercers - Utah
-4g.0 Professional Piercers - Virginia
-4g.0 Professional Piercers - Washington (State)
-4g.0 Professional Piercers - Wisconsin
-4h.0 Professional Piercers - ALBERTA
-4h.0 Professional Piercers - BRITISH COLUMBIA
-4h.0 Professional Piercers - MANITOBA
-4h.0 Professional Piercers - ONTARIO
-4h.0 Professional Piercers - QUEBEC
-4i.0 Professional Piercers - Australia
-4i.0 Professional Piercers - Austria
-4i.0 Professional Piercers - Belgium
-4i.0 Professional Piercers - Colombia
-4i.0 Professional Piercers - Denmark
-4i.0 Professional Piercers - Finland
-4i.0 Professional Piercers - France
-4i.0 Professional Piercers - Germany
-4i.0 Professional Piercers - Ireland
-4i.0 Professional Piercers - Israel
-4i.0 Professional Piercers - Italy
-4i.0 Professional Piercers - Japan
-4i.0 Professional Piercers - Luxembourg
-4i.0 Professional Piercers - The Netherlands
-4i.0 Professional Piercers - New Zealand
-4i.0 Professional Piercers - Norway
-4i.0 Professional Piercers - Singapore
-4i.0 Professional Piercers - South Africa
-4i.0 Professional Piercers - Sweden
-4i.0 Professional Piercers - Switzerland
-4i.0 Professional Piercers - England
-4i.0 Professional Piercers - Scotland

Part V: Care Of New Piercings

-5.1 Skin Cleansers, Wound Cleansers, And Soaps
Skin cleansers are designed to aid in the physical removal of ...
-5.2 Antiseptic Products
Antiseptics and disinfectants are chemicals designed to kill ...
-5.3 Other Products
-5.4 Products To Avoid
Antibiotic And Medicated ...
-5.5 Essential Oils
Many people have found essential oils beneficial to healing ...
-5.6 Aftercare For Facial Piercings
Wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap before ...
-5.7 Aftercare For Oral Piercings
Wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap before ...
-5.8 Aftercare For Body Piercings
Wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap before ...
-5.9 Aftercare For Genital Piercings
Genital piercings often bleed between 12 to 24 hours depending on ...
-5.10 Herbal Hot Compress Recipe
Provided by Michaela Grey, formerly of Gauntlet and the Association ...

Part VI: The Healing Process & Healing Problems

-6.1 The Healing Process
General Wound Healing ...
-6.2 Abandoning A Piercing
Whether or not the piercing completely closes depends on the age ...
-6.2a Reopening or Repiercing an Abandoned Piercing
An abandoned piercing that has only shrunk or partially grown ...
-6.2a Healing Problems: Dry Skin
Over-cleaning the piercing, failure to thoroughly rinse the ...
-6.2b Healing Problems: Prolonged Healing
Prolonged healing is indicated by failure of the piercing to ...
-6.2c Healing Problems: Follicular Cysts
Follicular cysts may affect both new and healed piercings. They ...
-6.2d Healing Problems: Infections
The most frequent causes of infection is touching the piercing or ...
-6.2e Healing Problems: Hypergranulation
During the proliferation phase of healing, granulation tissue ...
-6.3 Scars
Any penetration of the skin will result in a scar. Scar tissue ...
-6.4 Piercing Migration And Rejection
Occasionally a piercing migrates towards the surface of the skin ...
-6.5 Metal Sensitivities
The metals used for body jewelry are chosen for ...

Part VII: Healed Piercings

-7.1 Changing Jewelry
After a piercing is healed jewelry may be changed as desired. The ...
-7.2 Stretching Piercings
Only well-healed piercings should be stretched. Stretching too soon ...
-7.3 Bondage Play
Strenuous bondage play using chains, restraints, and weights ...
-7.4 Hiding And Retaining Piercings
-7.4a Retaining Piercings During Surgery
Most hospitals' policies require that patients remove all ...
-7.6 Piercings And Common Medical Procedures
Finding a piercing-knowledgeable doctor is more difficult than ...
-7.7 Body Jewelry And Metal Detectors
Security metal detectors are used to detect certain types of ...
-7.8 Piercings And Employment
Several readers of rec.arts.bodyart have been suspended or ...

Part VIII: Historical Information

-8.1a History of the Nipple Piercing
-8.1b Titrings, a Bit of History
by D. W. ...
-8.2 The Apadravya In The Kama Sutra
From the unexpurgated printing of the Kama Sutra printed in 1963 ...
-8.3 History Of Late 20th Century Body Piercing
In the US, Doug Malloy, along with Jim Ward and Fakir and, in England,...
-9.1 Books And Magazines

Part IX: Resource List

-9A.2 Calendars And Posters
-9B.1 Videos
-9B.2 Online Sites
-9B.2a Chat Rooms And Online Clubs
-9B.3 Software & CDs
-9b.4 Places Of Interest
NEW YORK BODY ARCHIVE, #9 Ninth Ave., 2nd Floor, South of 13th St....

Part X: Personal Experiences

-10A.1 Tongue Pierce
by Harry Ugol ...
-10A.2 Labret Piercing
-10A.3 Hand Web Piercing
-10A.4 Eyelet Piercing
by Julian Hurt ...
-10A.5 Ritual Nipple Piercing (Male)
by Phaedrus, edited by Anne Greenblatt ...
-10A.6 Niebuhr Piercing
by Denise
-10A.7 Piercing Inverted Nipples (Male)
by ...
-10B.1 Triangle Piercing by Susan 1994
I got my Triangle piercing done by Raelyn Gallina in mid-...
-10B.2 Vertical Clitoral Hood Piercing by Erika Ferguson
Piercing performed by Morganna at Inkporium Tattoos in Lansing,...
-10B.3 Ampallang Piercing by
So I happened to be in New Orleans for the first time this weekend,...
-10B.4 Foreskin and Septum Piercings
by Pierre Honeyman ...
-10B.5 Frenum with Intact Foreskin
by Clive Neil ...
-10B.6 Ampallang Piercing #2
by Adam ...
-10C.1 Reverse Prince Albert
-10C.2 Aparavya Piercing Experience
-10C.3 Bead Implants
The author writes:
-10C.4 Prince Albert with Intact Foreskin
-10C.5 Camilla's Custom Nipple Studs
-10C.6 Double Ring Wedding Ceremony
by Calyxa Omphalos ...
-10D.1 Inner Labia Piercing
by Laura Bryannan ...
-10D.2 Fourchette Piercing
by Julie Nicholson October ...
-10D.3 Dolphin Piercing
-10D.4 Childbirth with Clitoral Hood Piercing
by Samantha August ...

Part XI: Jewelry Manufacturers

-11A.1 Manufacturers Of Jewelry In All Metals
-11A.2 Distributors Of Jewelry In All Metals
This may include surgical steel, niobium, titanium, gold, acrylic,...
-11B.1 Jewelry In 316l/Lvm Steel Only
-11B.2 Jewelry In Other Steel Grades
-11B.3 Jewelry In Niobium / Titanium Only
-11B.4 Jewelry In Gold / Platinum Only
-11B.5 Jewelry In Acrylic ONLY
-11B.6 Jewelry In Glass Only
-11B.7 Jewelry In Organic Materials
-11B.8 Accessories For Healed Piercings
-11C.1 Piercing Supplies / Needles
-11C.2 Jewelry Manufacturing Suppliers
Providing raw materials and equipment for body ...
-11C.3 Medical Suppliers / Sterilization Services
-11C.4 Insurance Brokers

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