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06 Anime Ftp Sites


This article is from the Anime Resources FAQ, by Steve Pearl with numerous contributions by others.

06 Anime Ftp Sites

These Internet sites contain anime related materials and are accessible by anonymous FTP. There may be other sites, but these are the major ones.

Edited from the list by pyson@access.netaxs.com (Matt Pyson) Last-Updated: 1994/04/15 Active Anime FTP Site Names and Addresses

Anonymous FTP Site Name     Internet Address   Contents | Directory
------------------------  -----------------  --------------------------------
atbmac1.larc.nasa.gov      Images,Scripts | pub/anime
azathoth.sura.net     FanFiction |
bongo.cc.utexas.edu      Scripts,Images | anime
brownvm.brown.edu      Miyazaki Scripts |
burgundy.nectar.cs.cmu.edu       README files | (see below)
busop.cit.wayne.edu      Images | pub/anime
cs.dal.ca                 Archives,Lyrics | (see below)
f.ms.uky.edu            Images | incoming/Pictures
ftp.ics.uci.edu           Scripts | pub/anime
ftp.sunet.se      		Images | (see below)
ftp.tcp.com             much stuff | pub/anime
ftp.white.toronto.edu      Scripts,Manga,Images |
gateway.control.com       Images | pub/graphics/anime
isfs.kuis.kyoto-u.ac.jp        UY Bitmaps | (see below)
mageus.stanford.edu       Images,Scripts | Anime
nic.stolaf.edu           Synopses,Images | (gopher dir)
plains.nodak.edu       FanFic,Images | pub/anime
rahul.net                Images,Anims | pub/harlock
remus.rutgers.edu          Lyrics,Synopses | pub/anime
romulus.rutgers.edu         (mirror of remus.rutgers.edu)
spies.wiretap.com          Guides | Library/Media/Anime
toklab.ics.osaka-u.ac.jp        Bitmaps | /bitmaps/local/anime
venice.tcp.com           much stuff | anime-manga
wpi.wpi.edu              FanFic,Images | anime
wuarchive.wustl.edu      Images | graphics/*

A crude guide to using FTP:

        Unix Command:   ftp <site name>
        Login:          anonymous
        Password:       login@machine_name

Let's say that geeker@pac.man.edu wants to get the latest and greatest Ranma-chan GIF (/anime/hentai/r-chan1.gif) from happosai.com.

- At the Unix prompt, geeker types "ftp happosai.com".

- At the "login:" prompt, he types "anonymous".

- At the "Password:" prompt, he types "geeker@pac.man.edu". He's now logged at happosai.com.

- geeker now uses cd(1) and ls(1) just like in Unix to find whatever he's after.

If geeker want to get the Ranma-chan GIF, he must do the following:

- He uses cd(1) to go to /anime/hentai. Once there, he uses ls(1) to make sure that r-chan1.gif is actually there.

- GIF files are binary, so geeker sets the file transfer type to binary by typing "binary".

- geeker types "get <filename>", where <filename> is the name of the file he wants to copy. In our case, he would type "get r-chan1.gif" to get the file. Note that no wildcards are allowed.

- Several other ftp commands to know:

"?" - lists the commands available

"quit" - exits the program

"ascii" - sets file transfer mode to ascii

"mget" - allows multiple-file gets, and wildcards

If you need help, or want to learn advanced techniques, DON'T post to rec.arts.anime for help. Instead, ask your local system administrator/CCON/ Unix witch doctor for help. That's what they're paid for.


- Synopses are available at most of the sites mentioned above.

- Sound files: These are IFF "raw" sound files, which can be played on Amiga, MS-DOS, Macintosh and Sun computers. There is also a text file with instructions on how to play them.

- EAV (Electronic Animation Velocity) and AnimeStuff are electronic anime fanzines. EAV was put out by Randall Stukey and the Anime Publications Bureau, and AnimeStuff is published by a group of anime fans in CompuServe.

- urusei-yatsura archives: the collected messages of four years (1987-1991) of the Urusei Yatsura mailing list (see below). Warning: this file is HUGE! (about 300 pages long).

- The Rutgers Anime site contain all the anime song translations by Theresa Martin, and current copies of all the articles written by Steve Pearl (see ELECTRONIC ANIME RESOURCES: ARTICLES, below).

- Remember to set your file type to BINARY before reading any GIF/JPEG files, sound files, or compressed text (.Z) files.


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