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01 United Kennel Club: History and Overview


This article is from the United Kennel Club FAQ, by Cindy Tittle Moore rpd-info@netcom.com

01 United Kennel Club: History and Overview

The United Kennel Club was formed in 1898 by Chanucy Bennet for the
sole purpose of registering "Pit Bull Terriers" as the American Kennel
Club would not. After the APBT, a few different hunting breeds, most
notably many of the coonhounds, were recognized.

Today, the United Kennel Club provides an alternative to the more
widely known American Kennel Club in the United States and performs
many of the same functions: registry, shows, and stud books. The UKC
has grown rapidly in the last few years and is worth looking at. If
your dog is registered with another registry (AKC, CKC, etc), it is
easy to register your dog with the UKC as well. UKC recognizes 166
breeds, including some that the AKC does not. UKC offers breed,
obedience, agility and hunting trials. Because of their initial start
with game and hunting breeds, they are primarily performance oriented,
although they have shown signs of changing this in recent years (for
example, with the advent of all breed conformation shows in 1995).

The UKC is willing to explore the addition of more sports and events
and is in need of parent breed clubs for the work of adding to the
conformation shows held by UKC.

There are no professional handlers allowed in UKC conformation or
obedience events. Certified Handlers are allowed by either in person
permission of the registered owner or by written permission of the
registered owner.

It is very easy to start a club and to get approval for putting on UKC
sanctioned events. At shows, there are no Premium Lists, no catalogs,
no worry about timing - for example the obedience trials are always at
one ring and the order is always Utility B, Utility A, Open B, Open A,
Novice B, Novice A, non-regular classes (Grad Novice or Pre-Novice
[veterans?]). There is usually a price break for preregistering for a
show. The pre-registered dogs are judged first.


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