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04 Car restraints


This article is from the Dog Supplies FAQ, by Cindy Tittle Moore with numerous contributions by others.

04 Car restraints

You should have some way of restraining your dog in the car. This is
for your own safety as well as your dog's. An unrestrained dog that
climbs everywhere may get into the driver's lap and cause havoc. An
unrestrained dog that likes to chew may destroy the interior of the
car. Even an unrestrained dog that lays quietly may be severely
injured if you get into an accident.

There are several types of restraints:
* Harnesses. There are a variety of different restraints that use
the harness and the seat belt to restrain the dog.
* Screens. You can purchase metal screens that fence off an area of
the car for your dog. These are usually used in trucks, sporting
vehicles, vans, and station wagons.
* Crates. You can get a crate to fit your dog and keep it in your
car. This is not feasible for everyone, especially the larger your
dog is and the smaller your vehicle is, but is probably the safest
method of restraint.
* Pickup leashes. There are various ways to restrain a dog in the
back of a pick up truck. These are generally not advisable, but
some people do use them. But if your dog must ride in the back of
a pickup, do use some type of leash. Crates, fastened down, are
even better.
* Leashes. You can even use a leash: clip it on your dog, and either
tie the other end to an arm-rest on the door, or close the door on
a loop of it in such a way that the dog's mobility is quite
restricted. Not the best long term solution, but it can help in a


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