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29 What is a "Responsible" Rottweiler breeder?

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This article is from the Rottweilers Breed FAQ, by arc@netrax.net (Denise Gross).

29 What is a "Responsible" Rottweiler breeder?

This is a difficult category to define, but there are certain minimum
standards that are accepted as "responsible" by most who are active in
the dog fancy. Following are some of the things a responsible breeder
will be doing:
1. All breeding stock will be certified free of Hip Dysplasia by the
Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). Elbows may also be
certified as free of Elbow Dysplasia; this is a relatively new
trend and some older dogs/bitches may not be certified. The
breeder will be willing to supply you with copies of the OFA
certificates. No bitch or dog will be bred before the age of two,
(the minimum age for OFA certification). OFA does issue
preliminary evaluations of hips and elbows, but actual
certification will not be done before two years.
2. Breeding stock will be certified free of inherited eye disease
annually by a Board certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist; the
certificate is issued by the Canine Eye Registry Foundation
3. Bitches and dogs used for breeding will have achieved certain
competitive titles such as AKC Champion or an advanced obedience
title (CDX, UD). Responsible breeders will usually not breed dogs
and bitches whose quality has not been proven in competition,
although under certain circumstances (injuries which prevent
competition) they may.
4. The Breeder will belong to one or more Rottweiler Clubs which
require adherence to a "Code of Ethics" from all members
(adherence to a certain level of responsibility in ownership and
breeding). The largest of these clubs include the American
Rottweiler Club, The Colonial Rottweiler Club, The Medallion
Rottweiler Club and the Gold Coast Rottweiler Club. There are
numerous local Rottweiler clubs, some are "Code" clubs and some
are not - ask. Code of Ethics clubs do not permit members to
advertise puppy prices.
5. The Breeder will be active in the sport of dogs, competing in
conformation, obedience, tracking or herding events.
6. A responsible breeder will not give you a "hard-sell" routine when
you call to inquire about his/her dogs. Usually he/she will be
trying everything they can to discourage you from buying a
Rottweiler. A reputable breeder's number one concern is that
his/her puppies are placed in responsible homes where they will
receive the same kind of care and training he/she gives his/her
own dogs. Expect to be interviewed at length as to why you want to
own a Rottweiler, and what your family and lifestyle is like. The
reputable breeder will ask more questions of you than you will of
7. A responsible breeder will try to steer you clear of rushing to
buy a puppy this week or this month, but he/she will also not
expect you to wait an unreasonable amount of time to buy one of
his/her puppies. If he has no puppies available and has no
breeding planned in the near future, he will recommend other
breeders whose standards are as high as his own.
8. A responsible breeder will be happy to have you meet the parents
of the litter (at least the dam; frequently the sire will not
belong to the breeder), as well as his/her other dogs. The dogs
and puppies will be kept in a clean and healthy environment.
9. A responsible breeder will only sell puppies with a signed,
written contract. He/she will pass on accurate health, breeding
and registration records and pedigree records of at least three
generations. They will require that any puppy not purchased as
show and breeding stock be made incapable of reproducing, and
require that limited registration "blue slips" be provided, or
that registration papers be withheld until a veterinarians
certificate is received as proof of sterilization.


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