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Breed Rescue Organizations

This is a listing of Canine Rescue Organizations throughout North America that have been submitted by the people of rec.pets.dogs.*, Canine-L, various breed lists, and via snail mail.

This is the Breed Rescue Organizations FAQ. It is arranged in alphabetical order by breed from Affenpinscher to Chinook, Chow Chow to Golden Retriever, Gordon Setter to Redbone Coonhound, and finally Rhodesian Ridgeback to Yorkshire Terrier. All-breed and speciality group rescues are listed at the end of FAQ part 4.

This is the 18th update of the canine rescue organizations list. Breed specific organizations are listed first and all-breed and specialty organizations are at the end. All the lines that are preceeded with a "||" are the ones containing either new information or important corrections with respect to version 3.3. All the rec.pets.dogs.info FAQ's are also mirrored at nowaksg.chem.nd.edu and can be found in the /pub/dogs-faq directory via anonymous ftp.

Check out rec.pets.dogs.rescue for current discussions on rescue and for dogs in need of rescue.

Thanks To Those Who Deserve It:

Susan Mudgett and Eric Johansson have been keeping a list of New England Rescue Organizations for quite some time. They graciously sent a hard copy of their list so that we could include all of those addresses and phone numbers in this listing. If you wish to contact them directly concerning the New England area specifically, send email at scm@harvee.billerica.ma.us. Many thanks to Susan and Eric.

Secondly, Marget Johnson sent us so much stuff she had to include extra postage on the envelope. Most of the information Marget provided us has been submitted to various dog related journals so this information may be available in your local library as well. Many thanks to Marget too.

Thirdly, Colleen Englemann sent a listing of rescue organizations from the "Bay Area". This means the San Francisco Bay area, so if you live near there these listings are for you. The text "baylist" is added by these because many of them are just phone numbers without the name of the person. This doesn't mean you shouldn't call, we just don't know what the name of the person you will talk to is. If you do call and get a name, let me know so I can include it here.

Cindy Tittle Moore (those of you who read r.p.d.* regularly know her well) has been of great help both at the beginning and the end of this project. Her expertise in FAQ's for rec.pets.dogs.* is greatly appreciated.

Dominique Anfossi has provided all the Canadian information so thanks to him.

This list is for the dogs, literally :-) All of the poor animals that have been abandoned for whatever reasons. So many of you are caring people and take these dogs in and care for them until they can find kind caring homes where they really belong. I hope a few dogs can find homes through our meager efforts.


I have no experience with any of these groups (except German Shepherd Rescue of New England, Inc, which is my group). We simply wanted to make this list available to you. So, we must say that we are not specifically endorsing any of these people/groups but we are endorsing the idea of rescuing a dog for a pet.

If I receive more than 3 complaints about a group not responding in a timely fashion, or not treating a dog well, etc., I'll remove the group/person from the list. (Sorry it comes to this sometimes.)

There is a 3-book series published with a thorough listing of breed rescue organizations available. Here is the citation:

Project BREED (Breed Rescue Efforts & Education) Published by: Network for Ani-males & Females, Inc. P.O. Box 15888 Chevy Chase, MD 20825-5888 The set of 2 is $35 plus $5.05 for postage/handling, check or m.o.

Note that a 3rd volume was recently published to include more breeds (such as German Shepherd Dogs and Chihuahuas), add updates, etc.

If you need more information, a more complete listing, or other information about rescue, lots of information is in there.

TAKING AT LEAST A LITTLE RESPONSIBILITY :-) : All complaints and errors should be brought to my immediate attention. I will have to depend on those in netland to keep me up to date.

Copyright (c) 1996 by Janice Ritter. Please distribute this document freely providing you keep this copyright intact. This document may not be sold for profit nor incorporated into commercial documents without the express permission of the author. This document is provided "as is".

-01 Affenpinscher
-02 Afghan Hound
-03 Airedale Terrier
-04 Akbash
-05 Akita
-06 Alaskan Malamute
-07 American Brittany
-08 American Eskimo
-09 American Pit Bull Terrier
-10 American Staffordshire Terrier
-11 American Water Spaniel
-12 Anatolian Shepherd
-13 Argentine Dogo
-14 Australian Cattle Dog
-15 Australian Kelpie
-16 Australian Shepherd
-17 Australian Terrier
-18 Basenji
-19 Basset Hound
-20 Beagle
-21 Bearded Collie
-22 Beauceron
-23 Bedlington Terriers
-24 Belgian Laekenois
-25 Belgian Malinois
-26 Belgian Sheepdog
-27 Belgian Tervuren
-28 Bernese Mountain Dog
-29 Bichon Frise
-30 Black and Tan Coonhound
-31 Bloodhound
-32 Border Collie
-33 Border Terrier
-34 Borzoi
-35 Boston Terrier
-36 Bouvier Des Flandres
-37 Boxer
-38 Briard
-39 Brussels Griffon
-40 Bulldog
-41 Bullmastiff
-42 Bull Terrier
-43 Chow Chow
-44 Clumber Spaniel
-45 Cocker Spaniel
-46 Collie
-47 Curly-Coated Retriever
-48 Dachshund
-49 Dalmatian
-50 Dandie Dinmont Terrier
-51 Doberman Pinscher
-52 English Cocker Spaniel
-53 English Setter
-54 English Shepherd
-55 English Springer Spaniel
-56 English Toy Spaniel
-57 Fila Brasileiro
-58 Finnish Spitz
-59 Flat Coated Retriever
-60 Fox Terrier - Smooth or Wire
-61 French Bulldog
-62 German Shepherd Dog
-63 German Shorthaired Pointer
-64 German Wirehair Pointer
-65 Golden Retriever
-66 Gordon Setter
-67 Great Dane
-68 Great Pyrenees
-69 Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
-70 Greyhound
-71 Harrier
-72 Havanese
-73 Havowarts
-74 Ibizan Hound
-75 Irish Setter
-76 Irish Terrier
-77 Irish Water Spaniel
-78 Irish Wolfhound
-79 Italian Greyhound
-80 Jack Russel Terrier
-81 Japanese Chin (Spaniel)
-82 Japanese Shiba Inu
-83 Keeshond
-84 Kerry Blue Terrier
-85 Komondor
-86 Korean Jindo
-87 Kuvasz
-88 Labrador Retriever
-89 Lakeland Terrier
-90 Lhasa Apso
-91 Lowchen
-92 Maltese
-93 Manchester Terriers
-94 Mastiff
-95 Miniature Pinscher
-96 Neapolitan Mastiff
-97 Newfoundland
-98 Norfolk Terrier and Norwich Terrier
-99 Norwegian Elkhound
-100 Old English Sheepdog
-101 Otter Hound
-102 Papillon
-103 Pekingese
-104 Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen
-105 Pharoah Hound
-106 Pointer
-107 Polski Owczarek Nizinny (Pons)
-108 Pomeranian
-109 Poodle
-110 Portuguese Water Dog
-111 Pug
-112 Puli
-113 Rat Terrier
-114 Rhodesian Ridgeback
-115 Rottweiler
-116 Saint Bernard
-117 Saluki
-118 Samoyed
-119 Schipperke
-120 Schnauzer-Giant
-121 Schnauzer-Miniature
-122 Schnauzer-Standard
-123 Scottish Deerhound
-124 Scottish Terrier
-125 Sealyham Terrier
-126 Shetland Sheepdog
-127 Shih Tzu
-128 Siberian Husky
-129 Silky Terrier
-130 Skye Terrier
-131 Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier
-132 Staffordshire Bull Terrier
-133 Staffordshire Terrier
-134 Sussex Spaniel
-135 Tibetan Mastiff
-136 Tibetan Spaniel
-137 Tibetan Terrier
-138 Tosa-Ken
-139 Toy Fox Terrier
-140 Vizsla
-141 Weimaraner
-142 Welsh Corgi Cardigan
-143 Welsh Corgi, Pembroke
-144 Welsh Terrier
-145 West Highland White Terrier
-146 Whippet
-147 Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
-148 Xoloitzcuintli
-149 Yorkshire Terrier
-150 GROUPS OF BREEDS, by groups
-151 ALL-BREED RESCUES and SHELTERS, by state/country
-152 Other Animals

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