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14 Genetics and Inherited Diseases


This article is from the Publications about dogs FAQ, by Cindy Tittle Moore with numerous contributions by others.

14 Genetics and Inherited Diseases

Clark, Ross D. and Joan R. Stainer, eds. _Medical and Genetic Aspects
of Purebred Dogs_. Cortlandt Group, 1983.
For most AKC breeds and a few UKC breeds, there are sections on

+ Origin & History
+ Description
+ Breeding and Whelping
+ Recognized Problems
+ Old Age

This accumulation of knowledge about the health of specific
breeds from breeders and veterinarians provides the potential
dog owner with information that can help them select a strong
breed, an informed and caring breeder, and a healthy pet.

Hutt, Frederick B. _Genetics for Dog Breeders_. W.H. Freeman & Co,

Lanting, Fred L. _Canine Hip Dysplasia and Other Orthopedic Problems_.
Alpine Publications, Inc., CO. 1994.

Little, Clarence. _The Inheritance of Coat Color in Dogs_. Howell Book
House, 1979.
This book really deserves to be reprinted. Not only is it a
great reference for figuring out how color is inherited, it is
a wonderful primer to genetics and how the various forms work.
An indispensible classic.

Morgan, Joe P. DVM and Michele Stephens, DVM. _Radiographic Diagnosis
and Control of Canine Hip Dysplasia_. Iowa State University
Press, 1985.
A technical, well written book. From the preface: "written from
the eyes of a diagnostic radiologist and small animal
practitioner and is designed for the veterinary practitioner
who deals with owners and breeders in working to solve the
serious problem of dysplasia. The book is planned to assist in
describing the disease to this group. It is also hoped that the
monograph will find its way into the hands of the lay person
who has a love for dogs. All technical terms are clearly
defined and most will be able to profit in their understanding
of this disease by reading this book." Replete with x-rays.
Morgan is a consultant for OFA and has reviewed over 25,000
x-rays for them. The book includes specific descriptions of
dysplasia in GSDs, Labs, Great Pyrenees, and St. Bernard, for
the first time(they say) clearly spelling out the differences
between the breeds.

Nicholas, Frank W. _Introduction to Veterinary Genetics_. Oxford Univ
Press, 1996.
Excellent introduction to genetics. Highly recommended.
Paperback is less expensive, but "out of stock" at the

Rubin, Lionel F. _Inherited Eye Diseases in Purebred Dogs_. William &
Wilkins, 1989.

Willis, Malcolm B. _Genetics of the Dog_. Howell Book House, 1989.
A classic in the field, covers genetics, genetic problems, and
methods for breeding away from them.


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