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12 Veterinary Handbooks


This article is from the Publications about dogs FAQ, by Cindy Tittle Moore with numerous contributions by others.

12 Veterinary Handbooks

Fraser, Clarence. _Merck Veterinary Manual_ Merck & Co. 1998.
This is the "bible" for veterinarians and vet students.

Boyle, George E. VMD and Charles L. Blood. _First Aid for Dogs_.
Dembner Books, 1988.
This book is a handy guide on how to quickly deal with injuries
to your dog before bringing him in to the veterinarian for more
complete treatment. Written in a direct, refreshing style, this
book covers emergencies from tick removals to whelping puppies
("Blessed and Not So Blessed Events."). Tips on travelling, how
to deal with seizures, a list of poisons...a lot is packed into
this trade paperback book. Illustrated with photographs. I
highly recommend this book.

Carlson, Delbert G., DVM, and James M. Giffin, MD. _Dog Owners's Home
Veterinary Handbook_. Howell Book House, Macmillan Publishing
Company, 2nd ed. 1994.
This comprehensive book is a complete guide to health care of
dogs. It lets you know when you can treat the dog, or when you
need to take it to the vet post-haste. It lists symptoms so
that you may inform your vet of relevant information about its
condition. The arrangement of the material facilitates rapid
reference. Illustration of key procedures (pilling, taking
pulse/temperature, etc). Lists poisonous substances, including
houseplants. A valuable book to have around.

Turner, Trevor, ed. _Veterinary Notes for Dog Owners_. Stanley Paul,
Similar to the Horse Owners book.

Vanderlip, Sharon Lynn, DVM. _The Collie: A Veterinary Reference for
the Professional Breeder_. Biotechnical Veterinary, 1984.

White, Darlene, DVM. "Eliminating the Threats of Zoonoses," in Dog
World, April 1992 (v77n4); a Maclean Hunter Publication, 29 N.
Wacker Dr., Chicago IL 60606-3298.


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