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07 Companionship


This article is from the Publications about dogs FAQ, by Cindy Tittle Moore with numerous contributions by others.

07 Companionship

The dog is Man's best friend.

Ogden, Paul. _Chelsea, the Story of a Signal Dog_. Fawcett Books,
This is written by a man who is a professor at Fresno State
Univ. in CA. It's the utterly charming story of his own
attempts to adopt and train a dog to be his signal dog (he is
deaf) and then, years later, he goes on to get a CCI dog. This
book does a great job of helping you understand how the deaf
community functions in a hearing world, and how they perceive

Cohen, Barbara and Louise Taylor. _Dogs and Their Women_. Little Brown
& Co, 1989.
Lots of good stories and pictures.

Cohen, Barbara and Louise Taylor. _Woman's Best Friend: A Celebration
of Dogs and Their Women_. Little Brown & Co., 1996
All new pictorial celebration.

Derr, Mark. _Dog's Best Friend: Annals of the Dog-Human Relationship_.
Henry Holt & Co., 1997.
As much about people who work with dogs as the dogs themselves.
Misses the boat on selective breeding, however, with the tired
old canard of "hybrids" making better dogs.

Goode, Angela and Mike Hayes, eds. _Great Working Dog Stories_ and
_More Great Working Dog Stories_. ABC Books, GPO Box 9994
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 2001. 1990.
These are a collection of working dog stories from Outback
Australia. Any one who loves these dogs or just loves a good
dog story should read them. The stories are a mixture of happy
and sad, all of them are true and written by the individual
relating the story. The length of each story ranges from a few
lines to a couple of pages.

Hearne, Vicki. _Bandit, the Dossier of a Dangerous Dog_.
Harperperennial Library, 1992.
Along with much philosophy, the author recounts her experiences
with pit-bulls and other "dangerous" breeds.

Kilbourn, Cheryl A. _For the Love of Princess: Surviving the Loss of
Your Pet_. Princess Publishing, 1987.
From back: "For the Love of Princess is a deeply moving
portrayal of the loving bond between the author and her canine
companion of nine years. When Cheryl learned that Princess had
an irreversible disease and their time together was limited,
her pain began."

Masson, Jeffrey Moussaieff. _Dogs Never Lie About Love: Reflections on
the Emotional World of Dogs_. Crown Pub. 1997.
Sentimental view of dogs. As Selma G. Lanes said in an LA Times
book review, in part: "[He] brings to his subject ...
intelligence, originality and a refreshing willingness to go
out on a good number of scientifically unsupported limbs in his
enthusiasm for canines."

Serpell, James. _In the Company of Animals_. Revised, Cambridge Univ
Press, 1996.
Book on pet keeping through time and across cultures.

Yates, Elizabeth. _Sound Friendships_. Bob Jones Univeristy Press,
It details the life that is led by Willa and her hearing dog,
Honey. It isn't as in-depth on the nuts and bolts as CHELSEA is
but it is a good simple read.


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