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04 Interpretations of Dog Behavior


This article is from the Publications about dogs FAQ, by Cindy Tittle Moore with numerous contributions by others.

04 Interpretations of Dog Behavior

Coon, K. 1977. _The Dog Intelligence Test_. New York: Avon, 90 p.

Fisher, John. _Why Does My Dog...?_. Howell Book House, New York;
Maxwell Maxmillian, Ontario. c1991.
A wide range of problems and various solutions are listed.
Sometimes the problems are solved with a change of diet, more
often with simple but effective techniques. It is written much
like an encyclopedia, each section describing a problem
followed with a series of questions and answers about the
problem. In most cases, the scenarios are supplied from actual
incidents in his practice. The author is a member of the
Association of Pet Behavior Counsellors (APBC), based in
Britain and Ireland.

Fogle, Bruce. _The Dog's Mind: Understanding Your Dog's Behavior_.
Howell Book House, 1992.
This appears to be the best, most comprehensive book
summarizing current research on canine psychology and behavior.
You won't find much in the way of how-to instructions, but you
will find alot of hard facts on every aspect of the canine mind
and personality. This book is well-written and very readable
even by the layperson.

Lorenz, Konrad. _Man Meets Dog_. 1977; reprinted 1994 by Kodansha.

Mugford, Roger. _Dr. Mugford's Casebook_. Jonathan Cape, 1993.
Case studies.

Neville, Peter. _Do Dogs Need Shrinks?_. Citadel Press, 1992.
Case studies.

Polsky, Richard H., PhD. _User's Guide to the Scientific and Clinical
Literature on Dog and Cat Behavior_, 2nd Edition, 1995,
published by Animal Behavior Counseling Services, Inc., 2288
Manning Ave. LA CA 90064 (310-474-3776). ISBN 0-96-30005-0-0.
9x11 spiral bound, 92 pages, $49.95.
Author can be reached at abcs@westworld.com


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