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01 Prologue


This article is from the Canine Medical Information FAQ, by Cindy Tittle Moore with numerous contributions by others.

01 Prologue

Much of the information found in this article is summarized from
Carlson & Giffin. I would like to thank them for their informative and
accessible information. Any mistakes made in the summaries are my
responsibility and not Carlson & Giffin's. I believe that I am within
copyright laws by using summarizations (no direct quoting, except for
the toxic plants section), my own organization of the material, and
precise acknowledgement where relevant. -Cindy Tittle Moore

An _excellent_ resource that details all aspects of health issues for
dogs, and one that every conscientious dog owner should have is:

Carlson, Delbert G., DVM, and James M. Giffin, MD. _Dog Owners's Home
Veterinary Handbook (Revised and Expanded)_. Howell Book House,
Macmillan Publishing Company, 866 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022 USA
(1992, 2nd ed). ISBN: 0-87605-537-4 (hardcover).

This comprehensive book is a complete guide to health care of dogs.
It lets you know when you can treat the dog, or when you need to
take it to the vet post-haste. It lists symptoms so that you may
inform your vet of relevant information about its condition. The
arrangement of the material facilitates rapid reference.
Illustration of key procedures (pilling, taking pulse/temperature,
etc). Lists poisonous substances, including houseplants. A must
have home veterinarian handbook.

Other books/articles that you may find of use include:
* Shearer, Tamara S. DVM. _Emergency First Aid for your Dog_ Ohio
Distinctive Publishing, Inc., 4588 Kenny Road, Columbus, OH 43220.
* McGinnis, Terri DVM. _The Well Dog Book_, second ed. 1992.
* Miller, Harry. _The Common Sense Book of Puppy and Dog Care_.
Bantam Books, Third Edition (revised) (1987). ISBN: 0-553-27789-8
* White, Darlene, DVM. "Eliminating the Threats of Zoonoses," in Dog
World, April 1992 (v77n4); a Maclean Hunter Publication, 29 N.
Wacker Dr., Chicago IL 60606-3298.
* Hampton, John K. Jr., PhD, and Suzanne Hampton, PhD. _Senior
Years: Understanding your Dog's Aging Process_. Howell Book House.
1993. ISBN: 0-87605-734-2.
* _Nutrient Requirements of Dogs, Revised 1985_ [there may be a
newer revisi on] Published by the National Academcy Press, 2101
Constitution Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20418

This is written by the Subcommittee on Dog Nutrition, Committee on
Animal Nutrition, Board on Agriculture, National Research Council.
It reads pretty well for something put out by a committee. Lots of
references. Lots of tables of nutrient contents of various
foodstuffs. Don't expect any discussions of what dog food is best!
For the most part, consumers are left to figure this out for
* _The Collins Guide to Dog Nutrition_, 2nd Ed., HOwell Book House
1987. ISBN: 0876054181.
* Hart BL. "Effects of neutering and spaying on the behavior of dogs
and cats: Questions and answers about practical concerns," in
JAVMA 1991;198:1204-1205.
* Houpt KA, Coren B, Hintz et al. "Effects of sex and reproductive
status on sucrose preference, food intake, and body weight of
dogs," in JAVMA 1979; 174:1083-1085.
* Johnson SD. "Questions and answers on the effects of surgically
neutering dogs and cats," in JAVMA 1991;198:1206-1213.
* Marrion, Ruth, DMV. "New Views on Neutering," in _Purebred
Dogs/American Kennel Gazette_, April 1992 (pp50-54).

There are also many sources of online information about general
veterinary matters. The best place to start is Ken Boschert's NETVET
site, at http://netvet.wustl.edu/.

Some help is available on VETMED, a moderated mailing list in which
people ask about adn discuss veterinary problems -- not everyone
subscribed is a veterinarian, of course, but quite often people here
can point you to where you should look. Email to listserv@iupui.edu
with SUBSCRIBE VETMED yourfirstname yourlastname in the body of the
message. Be sure to substitute your own first and lastnames in the
subscribe command.

You can also do research and article searchs at most University
libraries: ask the librarian about the following services: Agricola,
BIOSIS Previews, CAB Abstracts (produced by Commonwealth Agricultural
Bureaux), Focus on Veterinary Science & Medicine (produced by the
Institute for Scientific Information). MEDLINE indexes about 60-70
veterinary journals and is a place to start, but is not as
comprehensive as the above services. If the library does not have them
separately, they are also available on the Dialog service, which most
University libraries subscribe to.


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