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31 Books


This article is from the Lure Coursing FAQ, by Bonnie Dalzell with numerous contributions by others.

31 Books

_ASFA Historical Book 1972-1989_

$45 (checks payable to ASFA
Bill Brown
20725 S. Western Avenue
Chicago Heights, IL 60411

A collection of essays on the history of ASFA and lure
coursing, including sections on equipment and great coursing
hounds written by the people who developed lure coursing as a
sport over many years. Includes photos of the top hounds in the
ASFA breeds and extensive lists of titlists.

One each free to individuals. Order from: Denise Scanlan, 1517
Virginia Avenue, Rockford, IL 61103

+ The Sport of Lure Coursing
+ Guidelines for Judges
+ Guidelines for Lure Coursing Practice

The following is available for $

+ Guidelines for Course Design

_So, You Want To Run Your Sighthound?_
By Denise Como of Garden State Sighthound Club, 635 Monmouth
Rd., Cream Ridge, NJ 08514
$ plus SASE with 52 cents in stamps.

_AKC Lure Coursing Turns Two_
Bonnie Dalzell, MA. AKC Gazette July 1993.
Written by the all time top breeder/exhibitor (in terms of
number of titled hounds) in lure coursing. Photocopy available
from author. Send SASE and 50 cents to Bonnie Dalzell, 5100
Hydes Road, Hydes, MD 2108 Text available for reprint by any
non profit dog group interested in the lure coursing sport
provided you obtain author's permission. You must write the AKC
Gazette to obtain permission to reprint the exact article, as
it is type set in the magazine with photos, etc., however.

_Lure Coursing: Field Trialing For Sighthounds and How To Take Part_
Beaman, Arthur S. Howell Book House, 1994 (ISBN 0-87605-628-?)
This book is written by an established dog writer who has lure
coursed his Saluki. Half of the text by page count of this
hardbound book consists of information published separately by
ASFA and the AKC. That is the ASFA (cost $ - revisions free
with SASE) and AKC (free) rule books which are revised annually
and exact reprints of the AKC breed standards for sighthound
breeds. The latter are available from the individual breed
clubs, usually free with a SASE. The author's extensive
knowledge of lure coursing is demonstrated by his reference to
the LCM (Lure Courser of Merit) title as the "Lure Coursing
Master" title.


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