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26 SeaCrest Keeshonden Diet


This article is from the Keeshonden Breed FAQ, by keashoo@ix.netcom.com (Kimberly J. Eashoo).

26 SeaCrest Keeshonden Diet

We, as a culture have been brainwashed into thinking that dogs are
omnivores and don't need a meat based diet. Dogs with kidney problems
are often told to eat soy etc. We've also been told that dogs can
survive on rendered, cooked, processed foods with consisting of mostly
grains (probably rancid), artificial preservatives, and minimal
nutrition. We have also been convinced of the fact that dogs need a
100% balanced diet and that there is NO WAY we can provide this. Our
grandparents fed dogs on table scraps and had dogs live to be 15-16
years old. We however are told this is just a freak thing. Most died
young, we just didn't hear about it..

So, we feed the dry 100% balanced food, and wonder why OUR dogs have
major allergies, IBD, cancer, pancreatitis, epilepsy etc. It is time
to ask WHY this is happening not just accept that is does happen.

In late 1995 I started researching diets, foods etc. Since then I've
used probably every naturally preserved dog food made. I later came to
the conclusion that dry foods are NOT the way to go.

So, if you don't feed dry, then what? Well, you go back to nature. In
the wild a wolf's diet consists of large and small game, eaten bones,
feathers, skin and all. Approximately 1/6th of their diet is organ
meat, the rest is muscle meat, bones, etc. Often wolves survive on
small game alone, rabbit, birds, and even smaller animals.

In 1997 I moved back to Seattle and started buying my food from a shop
called Horizon Pet Supply. They carried raw bones for dogs. Now, my
dogs had had some bones, before. Soup bones, and of course raw meat
since 1995 (as a treat only though!) But I had never every dreamed of
giving my dogs chicken bones, or turkey. After all, that could kill
them! But, I kept going, reading the info and finally attending
seminars on the diet. One night I bought a pack of bones and opened it
up. The dogs went NUTS! And to my surprise, they didn't die! Soon, I
was giving them bones 3X a week and the dog food the other days. Then,
I started incorperating other things into the diet. In the meantime I
kept telling my breeder about this. Soon she bought some stuff to try
it. She had such good luck her dogs were soon on a completely raw diet
with such amazing results I decided to take the plunge. I found a
local source for cheap (.39 cent a lb) turkey backs and necks that
would keep me supplied with stuff and stopped buying dog food. Now,
the dogs have been on a completly homemade diet since August
1st. After a major coat blow by every member of the doggie family,
coats are growing in massive amts. Condition is good with everyone
holding weight. Skin problems are lessening, and overall they look

More than the above though, my dogs FEEL good. They're active, have
great muscle tone, and outstanding condition. All are at their correct
weight, with NO dieting and they love their dinner.

Written by Heather Campbell


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