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24 Halloween Hazards for dogs


This article is from the Keeshonden Breed FAQ, by keashoo@ix.netcom.com (Kimberly J. Eashoo).

24 Halloween Hazards for dogs

Halloween is a wonderfully fun holiday for young and old. It is not
however very fun for our furry friends. Below are some helpful hints
and links to make Halloween as stress free for your pets as possible.

Starting out with the family dog here are some things to consider:

Even the most gregarious dog may become scared with the appearance of
witches and scarecrows at your door. To prevent bites, escapes, and
other hazards keep Fido confined to a safe room or crate. I suggest
giving them a treat such as a bone, cheese or peanut butter stuffed
Kong, or delegate someone to spend a quality evening with the pooch.

Chocolate is the largest halloween hazard. PLEASE keep all candy out
of reach. Make sure never to leave the treat bowl down and make sure
all resident Ghouls know to never give chocolate to a dog. For those
wondering why, in brief, chocolate contains a substance called
Theobromine. This is toxic to dogs and cats, causing the heart to race
and potentially fatal damage to be done. Toxicity amounts vary, with
bakers chocolate containing the most theobromine. Milk chocolate
possesses a whollop as well and the amount it takes to make your dog
sick may be very little as each dog has a different sensitivity
level. IF your dog does consume any chocolate please call your nearest
vet for advice on inducing vomiting.

Many dogs unfortunately escape out of yards, houses, and cars on
Halloween. The lucky ones end up at a humane society. Keeping your dog
supervised, INDOORS, and away from the constantly opening door makes
the holiday much safer.

If you're throwing a monster bash, make sure your dog only makes
supervised visits. Guest Ghosts may accidentally let him outdoors,
give him chocolate, fatty foods, or torment him. Not to mention the
sight of so many people in costume surely makes even the calmest dog

Candy at all may make your dog sick, and unknown foods can lead to
pancreatitis so make sure that Trick or treat stashes are carefully
put away after the counting is done.

Now for the Halloween Kitty:

Cats are also prone to slipping outdoors, chocolate, and party
guests. Keeping the cat confined though is a very simple solution and
most felines will happily sleep the day away.

For those with outdoor or indoor/outdoor cats Halloween posesses a
severe often unmentioned hazard. While Halloween is only what you make
of it, there are some groups that choose to use it for negative
purposes. Cats, dogs, & other animals are often abducted from their
homes meeting a terrible end. Most at risk for this are black, white,
or black and white animals but ANY may be taken. Please consider
confining your kitty for at least the week prior to halloween and a
couple days after. I'll admit it right now I really believe cats are
safer and happier indoors any time but around Halloween this is a

Jack-O-Lanterns and candles pose a serious risk to curious cats. Cats
seem to be entranced by flames and certainly never seem to understand
they burn. Make sure to supervise all candles and fires (a good rule
of thumb anytime anyway!) and be prepared to warn kitty away.

Written by Heather Campbell


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