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6. Resources


This article is from the Frisbee Dogs FAQ, by Kevin Robair with numerous contributions by others.

6. Resources

- 6.1 Books

"How to Teach Your Dog to Play Frisbee" by Karen Pryor, published in

"Frisbee Dogs, How to Raise, Train and Compete" by Peter Bloeme. 1991,
1994. ISBN 0-9629346-2-3
Peter and Whirlin' Wizard are the 1984 Ashley Whippet Invitational
World Champions, and Peter is the 1976 Men's World Frisbee disc
Champion. This book is considered the definitive work on the subject
of Frisbee Dogs.

"Jumping from A to Z: Teaching Your Dog to Soar" M. Christine Zink,
DVM. 1996

- 6.2 Videos

Peter Bloeme's Frisbee Dog: Training Video
Peter Bloeme's Frisbee Dogs:Throwing Video
Alpo Canine Frisbee Disc Championships 1996 World Finals Tape
( the above products can be ordered by calling 1-800-786-9240 )
( We have also seen the video sold in pet stores with a free disc )

- 6.3 Training and Freestyle Routine Creation CD-ROM

Glen Speckert has created a CD-ROM with a lot of great features. Visit
his WWW site to find out the details. WWW:
http://www1.shore.net/~speckert/DFIndex.html email: speckert@shore.net

- 6.4 Training Material

NCAC Training guide ( online and paper versions ) Coming soon!

Free Pamphlet from Friskies ALPO Canine Frisbee disc Championships.
Contact the ALPO Canine Frisbee Disc Championships ( listed elsewhere
in this FAQ ) for a free training guide

- 6.5 Discs

The regulation canine disc used in most competitions is the Fastback
Frisbee disc. The Fastback can be bought through many of the Frisbee
dog clubs and organizations listed in this FAQ, and through many mail
order flying disc catalogues.


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