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3.5 Protection


This article is from the Frisbee Dogs FAQ, by Kevin Robair with numerous contributions by others.

3.5 Protection

Once a dog and owner get serious about dog Frisbee, they begin to
train for freestyle routines, where dogs may leap off the bodies of
the thrower. If you try this without thinking, you will find out just
how much damage a 50 pound canine can do leaping off a human's back,
even if the dogs nail's have been trimmed, and the thrower is wearing
a sweatshirt!

_Neoprene _

Fortunately, there is neoprene!


The best protection you can get is a neoprene diving vest. It protects
the entire upper torso, and is easy to get on and off. They can be
pricey, but they have been found at Wall-Mart for under $30. Remember,
you don't need a very thick one (2mm is usually sufficient). Often
Dive Shops sell their used rental vests cheap.

Thigh wraps

Normally used for thigh support, these thigh wraps are great
protection for when your dog jumps off your thigh. They can be found
at most sporting goods stores.

Waist Pad

The neoprene waist wrap is usually sold with the idea that it will
help the wearer lose weight via sweating. While water loss is not true
weight loss, these wraps are nevertheless great extra protection for
when your dog missed a vault and lands a little lower than the diver's
vest. These can be found right next to the thigh pads in most sporting
good stores.

Safety Goggles

Don't forget to wear some form of eye protection if your dog does
serious vaults. If a dog misses or thinks it may fall, it will try to
grab/stand on anything they can get their paws on, including your
face. Also, a vaulting dog is usually moving very quickly, and they
can flail their legs as they fly by.


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