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13 Traditional Siamese Breed: Breed Standards


This article is from the Traditional Siamese Breed FAQ, by Laura Gilbreath lgil@cts.com.

13 Traditional Siamese Breed: Breed Standards

(Condensed from TCA's Traditional Siamese Breed Standard)

General: The ideal Traditional Siamese is a medium to large-sized,
staunch cat of robust type, with substantial, round bone structure,
good muscular development, possessing a solid look along with balance
and proportion. They are not extreme in any way.

The head is rounded, with a clearly defined muzzle that maintains the
rounded contours of the head. The nose has a slight, gentle dip at eye
level. Medium ears, with a broad base and rounded tips, set as much on
the sides of the head as the top. The eyes are almond shaped,
uncrossed, and deep vivid blue.

The body is medium to large in size, solidly built, muscular in
development, and presenting a well-proportioned, solid appearance.
Legs well muscled, proportionate in length and bone to the body. Paws
more round than oval. Tail medium in length but in proportion to the
body: tapering and straight (no kinks).

The coat is short, thick enough to have body, satiny and somewhat
close-lying, but not tight or flat. Plush and soft in texture.
Resilient and firm to the touch.

Body color is even with subtle shading when allowed. Allowance is made
for lighter body color in young cats and darker color in older cats.

Point color: Chin, mask, ears, legs, feet, and tail dense and
clearly defined. All of the same shade. Except in kittens, mask covers
entire face including whisker pads and is connected to ears by

Penalize: Improper (i.e. off-color or spotted) nose leather or paw
pads. Ticking or white hairs except in aging cats. Bars in points.
Crossed eyes. Kinked tail, either visible or invisible.

Disqualify: Any evidence of illness or poor health. Mouth breathing
due to nasal obstruction or poor occlusion. Eyes other than blue.
White toes and/or feet. Malocclusion. Wedge-shaped head with straight
profile. Long, thin, tubular body. Long, thin legs, neck, or tail. Any
evidence of artificial grooming aids. Any extreme.


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