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13 Korat Cats: Breed Standards


This article is from the Korats Breed FAQ, by Dennis Ganoe dganoe@teleport.com with numerous contributions by others.

13 Korat Cats: Breed Standards

The standards for Korats is almost identical for every association.
The differences are in CFA and TICA a non-visible tail kink is
allowable whereas in the other associations it is disqualifiable. In
Thailand, a kink in the tail of a Korat is considered a sign of extra
"good-luck." When Korats are judged, CFA judges tend to ignore a
non-visible tail kink. TICA judges who notice the kink will usually
not final a Korat.

The Korat is a medium sized, semi-cobby shorthair cat. The body is
well-muscled with a broad chest and good development. The Korat has a
single close-lying blue coat with each hair tipped with silver. The
more silver tipping, the better. The head is heart shaped with large
luminescent green eyes. The heart is outlined by tracing from the
strong chin up the cheek bones to top of the ears and then returning
to the top of the head. A second heart can be traced from the chin to
the eyebrows and back to the bridge of the nose. The profile has a
slight stop (not a break) with a gentle lion-like downward curve just
above the nose leather. The eyes appear over-large for the face, but
are not protruding. The eyes are round when fully open but have a
slant when closed or partially closed. The ears are large and set high
on the head. The tail is moderate in length, wide at the base and
tapering to a rounded tip.

A non-visible tail kink is allowed. The front legs are slightly
shorter than the rear legs with oval feet. There are 5 toes on the
front feet and 4 toes on the rear feet. Nose leather is blue and paw
pads are lavender-pink or mauve.

Disqualify: Any other color than Silver-Blue, white spots or lockets,
wrong number of toes on the feet.

Point Distribution (CFA):

        HEAD                          25
             Broad                    5
             Profile                  4
             Breadth Between Eyes     4
             Ear set/placement        4
             Heart Shape              5
             Chin and Jaw             3
        EYES                          15
             Size                     5
             Shape                    5
             Placement                5
        BODY                          25
             Body                     15
             Legs/Feet                5
             Tail                     5
        COAT                          10
             Short                    4
             Texture                  3
             Close-Lying              3
        COLOR                         25
             Body                     20
             Eye                      5


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