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01 Korat Cats: Description


This article is from the Korats Breed FAQ, by Dennis Ganoe dganoe@teleport.com with numerous contributions by others.

01 Korat Cats: Description

The Korat (Koh-Raht) is a medium to small, shorthair cat with the
females weighing between 6 and 8 pounds and the males from 8 to 10
pounds. The Korat is a very compact cat with a low percentage of the
weight as body fat. This means the Korat may appear to be a small cat,
but in reality they are much heavier and more solid than they look.
They have broad chests with well developed muscles, even the females.
They have a single close lying coat that is always silver-blue. Single
coat means they do not have a downy undercoat and the coat lies flat.
The head is heart shaped. The heart is outlined by drawing imaginary
lines from the rounded tip of the chin up to the top of the ears and
then back to the top of the head. The eyes are oversized for the face
but are not protruding or "bug eyed." The eyes are round when fully
open but appear slanted when closed or partially closed. They are
peridot green (in the mature cat) and translucent in all stages of
development. Korats are slow maturing cats. They can often take up to
5 years to reach their full potential. The coat will always be
silver-blue, but the silver tipping will become more pronounced as
they mature. The eye color, a vivid peridot green, also appears as cat
matures. The Korat is a cat that gets better and better as it ages.


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