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Aquaria: Plants FAQ

In this FAQ you will find information on all aspects of freshwater live plantkeeping (also known as Aquatic Gardening). We also include detailed information on lighting, algae and snails which may be useful to all aquarists.

This Aquaria Plants FAQ was written by numerous authors

The FAQs owe their existence to the contributors of the net, and as such it belongs to the readers of rec.aquaria and alt.aquaria. Articles with attributions are copyrighted by their original authors. Copies of the FAQs can be made freely, as long as it is distributed at no charge, and the disclaimers and the copyright notice are included.

-01 Contents
-02 Aquatic Plant Q&A
-03 What do you absolutely need to grow plants?
-04 My friend grows plants beautiful plants and doesn't do high-tech stuff like CO2 or fertilizers. Is it really necessary?
-05 How do I disinfect my plants?
-06 Do I leave my new plants in the pot?
-07 What kind of plants can I keep with fish X? What kind of fish can I keep with plant X?
-08 How much light do I need?
-09 Can I grow plants with my single strip light?
-10 What kind of bulb do I need?
-11 What's T-8?
-12 What's MH? Is it better than fluorescent?
-13 Can I use those cheap Halogen bulbs from the hardware store?
-14 How do I add another light to my tank?
-15 How long do I leave the light on each day?
-16 How often do I change the bulb?
-17 Won't increased light fill my tank with algae?
-18 Is Carbon Dioxide (CO2) injection really necessary?
-19 Isn't Carbon Dioxide (CO2) expensive?
-20 How much Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is normal?
-21 How does the compressed gas method work?
-22 How does the yeast method work?
-23 Can I just dump carbonated water into my tank?
-24 Does injecting CO2 reduce the oxygen content?
-25 Is fish food enough to fertilize my plants?
-26 Can I use normal plant fertilizer?
-27 How do I know if I need fertilizer?
-28 How do I know which nutrient is limiting plant growth?
-29 How much is too much?
-30 What's PMDD? How do I make it?
-31 What should I put in my substrate?
-32 How deep a substrate?
-33 Can you grow plants with an undergravel filter (UGF)?
-34 What temperature do I keep a planted tank?
-35 Do I need to have substrate heating?
-36 The leaves turned yellow and fell off. The leaves got holes & fell off.
-37 It grew for a while & then died/still grows, but slower.
-38 My ... grows great but everything else dies
-39 My ... is covered with algae!
-40 Plant Survival
-41 Plant Survival: Light
-42 Plant Survival: CO2
-43 Plant Survival: Nutrients
-44 Plant Survival: Trace Elements
-45 Plant Survival: Other Information
-46 Common Plant Listing
-47 Blacklisted Plants
-48 Legend
-49 Stem Plants
-50 "Rosette" Plants
-51 Ferns and Mosses
-52 Lighting
-53 Converting a fluorescent fixture to auto-start
-54 CO2 in the Aquarium
-55 Substrate Heating Cables
-56 Construction
-57 Resources for Aquatic Plants and Related Items
-58 Siamese Algae Eaters
-59 Mail-Order Plants
-60 CO2 Supplies
-61 Dupla
-62 Aquatic Plants E-Mail List
-63 Aquatic Gardeners Association
-64 Books: Plant basics
-65 Books: Plant Identification and Culturing
-66 Books: Technical Setup, Equipment and Maintenance
-67 Web and FTP Sites

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