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01 Welcome to Rec.Aquaria.


This article is from the Aquaria Newsgroup Topics and Conversion Tables FAQ, by Todd Zebert and Erik Olson with numerous contributions by others.

01 Welcome to Rec.Aquaria.

contributed by Todd Zebert
edited by Erik Olson

Welcome to the rec.aquaria.* newsgroups! Please read this entire
document and whatever FAQs it may suggest before your first posting.
We hope this will help you get the most from the newsgroups, and aid
you in getting along with the people already here.

This document will tell you about:
1. the FAQs (answers to Frequently Asked Questions); what they are,
and where to find them.
2. Other Web Sites?
3. proper etiquette for posting to rec.aquaria.*
4. common acronyms and other terms used here.
5. common questions (with answers) asked about the rec.aquaria.*

There are several Usenet newsgroups collectively referred to as
rec.aquaria.*. They compose an international forum for the discussion
of almost everything related to aquaria and keeping fish. If you are
new to the aquarium hobby, you will find them a valuable source of
advice. If you are an advanced hobbyist but new to the Usenet forum,
we welcome your input and hope you will find some interesting
discussions and the new information that you need to keep current.

If you have questions about Usenet, newsgroups, posting messages, the
net in general, general netiquette, writing standards, how to FTP,
etc., the answers can be found in the news.announce.newusers group.
This is the single most important group for someone new to the net who
wants to get acquainted with the system. Some of the important files
(all written by Mark Moraes) in news.answers you should check out are:
* Answers To Frequently Asked Questions about Usenet
* A Primer on How To Work With the Usenet Community
* Hints on writing style for Usenet
* What is Usenet?


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